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Ana Helder

Ana Helder

It's time to get spooky but with a Latin American twist as Lazertitz brings two fabulous ladies from the southern hemisphere to aurally pleasure you, even as everyone else costumes frighten! Headlining is Argentinian babe Ana Helder of Cómeme fame who drops down in London bang in the middle of a ridiculous EU tour. And jetting over from her new home in Berlin is the always-fresh Isa GT! Ahead of the party, we posed a few of our burning (in hell) questions to the lovely Ana...

Hi Ana! We can’t wait to have you play here for Lazertitz! You are fresh off the back of a mammoth European tour – what have been some of the highlights for you?

Well, I’m very happy with the tour for the moment, I've met a lot of nice people, with good taste in music and I've been treated like a princess. I’ve had the pleasure to play for first time in so many cities I've never been to, and I feel that’s important. Also I'm pretty excited to play for the first time in London in a place/party that I’ve already heard many good things about... like it is common to find a really good crowd there...

We hear you’ve thrown some amazing parties in Argentina over the years; can you tell us about a few of them?

Right now with Rob Rovere who is a DJ too, we are running the Subculto party. We found a good place in Rosario city, a pub called Kerouac which have the crazy lights we like, good sound, good drinks, good vibe; everything we need. And we feel free there, to choose the DJs we like: Carisma, Charlotte Bendiks, Rumanians, Fango, Finger B and many more.

What is the party scene like in Argentina? What would you change about it if anything?

I don't know, it's hard to say... sometimes for me the parties end too fast and I would like them to last a bit longer... and also I would change for some of the bouncers their politics, for those places that “care about your look” or abuse authority and they can eventually get very annoying. But luckily that doesn't happen that often here.

While you’re primarily a goddess of house music, we hear you’ve got a few guilty pleasure records you don’t mind throwing in from time to time. Can you name a couple?

Like for example, of course Mamacita, talking about a house music goddess...

Another track I always love to hear is from Nicholas Basement Dub - The NY House Track. Or anything from Norma Jean Bell.

Can you tell us about an amazing artist or DJ from Argentina that we need to know?

Probably you already know Djs Pareja...

If you had access to a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would want to go dancing?

Plastic People, Stecken, Planeta X, Casa Encantada, some Cómeme nights in Chile there for 2010, also one BumbumBox party in a main street of New Castle.

And another fantasy question – who is your dream collaboration?

Chris Korda, Daniel Wang, Giorgio, Ob Ignitt.

Lazertitz falls on 31 October this month - what has been your best Halloween costume or dress-up ever? Can we see a sneaky pic?

I've never been into Halloween…! It's just not that massive a tradition in South America I guess... but I've always wanted to do something as Chewbacca. I don't have pictures though.

You’ve shared the stage with some true house legends over the years. Who has it been the biggest honour to play alongside?

For me was an honor to play warm up for Darshan Jesrani this year in Buenos Aires, he did an amazing DJ set.

After a pretty huge 2015, what have you got in the pipeline for next year?

This year I did not have enough time to concentrate in the studio. I would like to finish up somehow some of the material I recorded... and probably that work is for next year now... And also of course I would like again to be on a tour like this one, it's always nice...

Join Ana Helder on for Halloween Lazertitz on Saturday 31st October at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 5am.

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Ana Helder