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Anti-Valentine’s Cosmic Horror

Anti-Valentine’s Cosmic Horror

Love is in the air for some, but here in the Superstore basement the BRAIN WAVES crew plan to get your heart beating that bit faster for very different reasons. 

Chris Flatline takes a break from the industrial rhythms of Endurance to provide a dancefloor soundtrack more in keeping with the cosmic synthscapes of his remixes and own tracks, while artist and printmaker Jonas Ranssøn plays a mix of original minimal synth records and his own custom edits and remixes. 

To find out what they have in store for all the jilted lovers this Friday 17th Feburary we caught up with Chris to get his anti-Valentine's tracks...

The last BRAIN WAVES fell on Halloween weekend, right up our street, meaning we could pull out all the stops for a blood soaked Horror Disco special... this time however we've landed on a much less horrible holiday!

I've decided to completely ignore what Valentine's is meant to be about and shoehorn in some cosmic horror. The name is taken from one of my favourite authors, H P Lovecraft, master of 'weird fiction', combining elements of of science fiction and horror, something I try and do with my DJing and music!

Here's a selection of weird wave hits that are either recent discoveries or have become BRAIN WAVES classics over the last year at Superstore. I've tried to pick some half decent videos - no pictures of record labels!

In no particular order...

Nightmoves - Transdance

Quite an obvious classic to start with but this is one of those songs you kind of forget about and don't play for ages, then rediscover it again a few months later, over and over and over. Very minimal, very mysterious.

Pink Project - B Project

Stefano Pulga, one of the original italo disco producers, formed Pink Project to release what were very early 'mashups'. What's impressive is that all of their songs are very accurate cover versions, nothing at all is sampled, showing some real impressive musicianship behind it all - unlike most modern mashups. What's also impressive is the monster costumes.

Brassica - Lydden Circuit

This was a bit of an unexpected hit the first time I played it and has since then become a bit of a BRAIN WAVES classic. It's kind of like italo-rave... or something. Hilarious video as well.

Ali Love - Smoke & Mirrors

It's actually the Bottin remix that has become another regular choice for BRAIN WAVES, but this is the video version. If this one's a bit 'pop' for you then check out the other.

Gatekeeper - Giza

This one is an absolute monster and went down very well at the Halloween Horror Disco - in fact the opening of the video is what it was like walking into the downstairs of Superstore that night, what with all the fake blood everywhere.

Charli XCX - Nuclear Seasons

It's always nice when some proper modern electronic pop comes along and whilst it's true that this video seems to be trying to cash in on the whole weirdo tumblr / witch house / triangles thing... so what?

Com Truise - Brokendate

Forget the stupid name, unlike a lot of new acts producing wholly synthesized music, Com Truise is in no way a 'retro' synth act. Tracks (and videos) like this are just timeless and B E A U T I F U L. Yes, the video is very Blade Runner, but then that's a film that still hasn't dated - in fact I think it looks more and more like the present as time goes on.


Legowelt - Do You Really Care 

There always comes a point in a set where you think "some Legowelt would fit right in here!" Every single Legowelt track is solid but I've chosen this one because of the video - 'do we really care' any more about space exploration? It seems to me a shame that we all appear to have forgotten that a man actually stood on the bloody moon not so long ago.  

Micro Chip League - New York

I've been getting very into this kind of late 80s 'heavy synth' kind of sound recently - you can really hear where Gatekeeper took their influences from. Incidentally who do you think would win in a fight between Robocop and Terminator? 

Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red

I will not be playing this.

Chris Flatline and Jonas Ranssøn will be playing all sorts of anti-Valentines muzak and cosmic horror that will chill your loved one more than the freezer you shoved them in this Friday 17th February from 9pm to 4am at BRAIN WAVES.

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Anti-Valentine’s Cosmic Horror