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Arthole Presents: Girls Girls Girls

Arthole Presents: Girls Girls Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls
A solo exhibition by
Aphrodite Papadatou

Exhibition Launch Thursday 30 July  6-9pm
Dalston Superstore
117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB 

‘If she runs now she’ll follow later,
If she refuses gifts she’ll give them
If she loves not, now, she’ll soon
Love against her will’
- excerpts from ‘Glittering-Minded Deathless Aphrodite’ by the ancient Greek poet Sappho of Lesbos

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS is a war cry - a shout of liberation from chains of all kinds: physical, psychological, social; chains of the body and the mind.

Depicting the journey of a woman, Aphrodite Papadatou is an artist in the making and her work is her rite of passage, her coming of age. This show is an early retrospective of Papadatou's interest in the female form - represented as strong and vulnerable, but always resilient and free.

All these women are me, they are you, and they are both the men and women I have loved.

These images represent the progress of the human soul, and the innate femininity of our emotional make-up, regardless of sex or orientation. Papadatou's work is a visualisation of our emotional pain, happiness, and the extremes of consciousness manifested through sexual liberation. 

Aphrodite Papadatou is a London-based Greek artist characterised by prolific imagination, tantalising sensuality, and a remarkable ability to bring to life irreverent, maudit characters. Papadatou’s expressionistic oeuvre depicts figures whose tormented, consumed physicality and twisted, convulsive limbs are reminiscent of Egon Schiele. Eyes burning with emotions encompassing resentment and lust are imprints on canvas of the artists’ friends and lovers, documenting fetishes, subcultural community and sexual and social identities.

Art work from the show will be available to buy via WWW.ARTHOLEARTSHOP.COM from 30 July



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Arthole Presents: Girls Girls Girls