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arthole presents: self-memory-system

arthole presents: self-memory-system

A solo exhibition by
Emma Rudge

Exhibition opening
Wednesday 27th January

‘Self-Memory-System’ is an ongoing project exploring the idea of narrative identity or the constant reconstruction and editing of memories. A body of work that illustrates and defines a notion of constructed autobiographical narrative, our edited self that both informs and is informed by our aspirations and character.

The work varies from intricate digital imagery to drawings developed through the same creative method. Rudge, uses the computer as a brush and paints with photographic imagery creating delicate and beautiful digital images. This show illustrate her philosophical discussion of her most recent projects, the examination of the construct of our memories.

'Memory is subjective and the act of remembering is influenced by our desire to project a coherent story of ourselves; a revised version of our experience that fits with our present perceived identity. We all create memories, shrines in our mind to past relationships and encounters. These are shadows; they are not the reality of the person we once knew.’


Join us for the opening party on Wednesday 27 January from 6-9pm, followed by Uncontrollable Urge

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arthole presents: self-memory-system