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Bad Spencer

Bad Spencer

Next weekend sees special guest DJ Bad Spencer join us for bi-monthly queer party Les Poppeurs to play his signature eclectic party sound in the laser pit alongside Tel Aviv's Partok and Poppeurs resident Whitney Weiss. He'll be jetting over all the way from Athens, where he throws the spectacular Yes It Does! Sure It Does party that has hosted everyone from Dan Avery to Trevor Jackson to The Magician. Ahead of the party next Friday we caught up with him to find out more about the Greek party scene and more...

Yes It Does! Sure It Does is an Athens institution, congrats on your seven year anniversary; what’s been some of the highlights?

For the past seven years we have been throwing parties in many different venues in downtown Athens, trying to represent a part of its culture. Throughout the years we have been lucky to host parties in former jazz bars, metal clubs, summer cinemas, terraces and other interesting venues, and to invite many great DJs mainly from London. Some of them are Superstore regulars, like its governor Dan Beaumont, also Jonjo Jury, Severino etc.

What makes Athens a great city to throw parties in?

It seems that the financial crisis has changed Athens dramatically. Athenians are still trying to deal with hardships. However, amidst the ruins, it seems that Athens is becoming interesting to live in and visit. There seems to be no clear idea where the trend is going, but this is part of the excitement, I guess.

What's the story behind your DJ name?

Well it kind of suits my body structure and my, ahem, dynamic DJ style. Also, when me and my brother where kids, my father would rent Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies all the time. This was one of our favorite things to do together.So I guess my DJ name is also a tribute to my childhood and my father.

If you had access to a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would want to go dancing?

I dunno, actually. That is a tough one. I would have a tough time choosing between UK in the (very) late eighties or New York during the Paradise Garage era. Maybe I would opt for the former, because the idea of listening to new music which resembles nothing you had heard until then is one of my favourite feelings as it seldom happens to me nowadays.

You're known as an eclectic DJ- but what’s a record people would be taken aback to discover you secretly love?

I am such a sucker for almost all smooth yacht/smooth rock records. Put some Kenny Loggins or Michael MacDonald in the mix, and I will probably love it.

Why does Greece need marriage equality?

I don't think there are reasons why Greece is special in this matter. So my answer would be: for the same reasons every place needs marriage equality: because it's fair and right.

You just played at Athens Pride - what’s a track you played/would play to make the boys get their tops off?

It was more of a Pre-Pride fundraiser and I was happy to have been invited by the organizer Stathis to play amongst very good DJs to contribute a small DJ set to a good cause. I remember this working nicely...

Who out of all your superlative Yes It Does! Sure It Does guests really and unexpectedly blew you away?

We have been blessed with so many amazing DJ sets by our guests over the years so it is hard to choose. If I really had to narrow it down to one, it would be Krikor from Paris, a few years back. We invited him for a two hour DJ set. He ended up playing more than three and then ended up doing another two hours, so five hours back2back with me. He played everything from Suicide to techno. They had to drag us out of the DJ booth at 7AM.

If you could change one think about Greek politics what would it be?

Out of so many things that need to change I think that the most important would be for people to start choosing their representatives more based on actual capabilities and track record rather than choosing the ones that are good at addressing crowds or talking to the TV cameras.

Join Bad Spencer on Friday 19th June for Les Poppeurs at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Bad Spencer