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Dalston Superstore is proud to welcome London-based electronic producer, Ballerino (aka Robin Paul Braum) to our laser basement for our first-ever live gig with a full five-piece band. His music is dark and transcendent, with a playful duality exploring themes of postmodern sexuality. We caught up to chat about his new synth house B-side release Wet / Coward, ahead of his show in our laser basement on Wednesday, 14 October.

There seems to be a theme of duality on your new release with titles such as Wet / Coward – can you tell us a bit about that?

Yes, I love observing the same topic from different perspectives. Both these tracks deal with desperate and embarrassing crushes for people we barely know – sexually and emotionally.

What is your earliest musical memory?

Buying a Backstreet Boys singles collection.

Love it. What is the most exciting gig you’ve played in your career?

Playing at Fusion Festival in Germany last year was pretty exciting. It was one of the first live gigs as Ballerino and I landed straight at my absolute favourite festival. But to be honest, I think this one at Superstore could be up there, too. Playing my favourite London venue’s first-ever live gig in that mad laser hole! Also, I gotta be honest and admit that my nights there have definitely been one of the main inspirations for the topic of this release…

Can you tell us a bit about your songwriting process – is it very private or do you get the band involved quite early on?

Very private. It’s somewhere between songwriting and production. A lot of playing around with samples and synthesizers until I find something exciting. The interesting part is to then take the final tracks to the band and recreate the productions live without any sort of playback. It’s kind of a reverse process.

If you could see any musician or band, past or present, perform live, who would it be?

Easy. David Bowie.

How has living in London influenced your sound?

It’s strange, I left Berlin and my music has become more Dance since. London’s got a really cool House scene. Especially down in Peckham, where I live, there are some really inspiring things going on in that genre with all the people on Rhythm Section and Rye Wax. But also elsewhere you can find a lot of these laid back vibes, for instance on WotNot’s releases. There’s really no end to the list…

What are your plans for 2016?

We’ve got loads of releases coming out on our collective label squareglass. Some debuts and some new stuff by people who have come out over the past year. We’re also hoping to print a lot more of these cool square vinyls that you can get “Wet” on. The first thing I personally got coming up after this is a pretty exciting collab…

What track do you wake up to in the morning?

Light Cleaning by Semi Precious. 

What track gets you throwing shapes on the dancefloor? Function of Your Love by Jimmy Edgar. Not sure I’ve heard any other track that’s so funky, dirty and sensual.

What is your favourite new track of the year?

Too difficult, I need more than one.

Bunki – The Day We Almost

Local Artist - Ozone

Harvey Sutherland – New Paradise

Nicolas Jaar – No One is Looking at U


Catch Ballerino at Dalston Superstore on Wednesday 14 October from 9pm. 

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