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Beyond Clueless

Beyond Clueless

Our pizza sisters Voodoo Ray's have teamed up with our neighbours The Alibi to present a very special evening next Monday in honour of brand new documentary all about the beauty of teen movies, Beyond Clueless. Kicking off with a (free whilst stocks last) pizza party at Ray's at 7pm you can then head down to The Alibi for a free VHS screening of the film at 8pm! Ahead of all the awesomeness we sat down with director Charlie Lynn to discuss the downfall of Clueless star-turned anti-feminist Fox News pundit Stacey Dash, teen movies that need rescuing from the bargain bin and why Fairuza Balk from The Craft was the perfect narrator for the film...

Can you sum up your love of Clueless and explain why it is a masterpiece?

Charlie Lynn: I love a lot of things about Clueless — it's got to be one of the most perfectly cast movies ever made for a start — but most of all I love it for restoring Hollywood's confidence in teen movies, thereby allowing hundreds of other amazing films to follow in its footsteps.

What’s your favourite quote/scene/outfit from it?

The montage that follow's Cher's realisation that she's in love with Josh is up there with Eisenstein's best work.

Can we talk about Stacey Dash?! WHAT IS SHE DOING?! Thoughts please!!

In hindsight, her appearance in Kanye's All Falls Down video was something of an omen.

What’s your most underrated teen film and why? What should we be rescuing from the HMV bargain bin?

Idle Hands should be rescued from the bargain bin, and Ginger Snaps. Both are out on Blu-Ray now, and it can't be only me who's bought them, so maybe the reevaluation is already happening.

How did you come to work with teen legend Fairuza Balk of The Craft, Island Of Dr Moreau and of course Return To Oz?

I asked her and she was amazing enough to say yes, which is lucky because I'd whipped myself up into such a frenzy about the idea of having her do it, that falling back on Stacey Dash would've been really dispiriting.

If you could be any character from ANY teen movie ever made, who would you be and why?

Laney Boggs, because of her superior art skills.

Can you talk us through your process for editing down over 200 films into clips so small that you circumvent “fair use” copyright laws? Was it super time-consuming? Too hard to pick a fave bit at times? How was it?

We weren't circumventing Fair Use laws! We were using them. And yeah, it took about a year all in all. I now have a photographic memory of every scene in every American Pie spin-off movie.

You’ve done a whole bunch of Q&As up and down the country for Beyond Clueless- what was the best question you were asked and what was the question you WISHED someone asked?

Someone asked why The Butterfly Effect doesn't feature and I had no answer for them because it probably should. Nobody has asked why Ice Princess doesn't feature yet, which is likewise a tragic omission.

This is a question we ask everyone but we’ve changed it slightly for you… if you had a magic time machine and could visit any *fictional* dance floor from any film made in any era, where would you wanna go dancing and why?

Anywhere but the prom scene in She's All That. I don't want to be shown up by the most ludicrously synchronised teenagers in history.

You’re way young and you’ve made a great film- congrats! What advice do you have for someone who thinks they’re too young and won’t be taken seriously?

Don't be taken seriously.

Join Charlie Lynn at the Beyond Clueless pizza party and VHS screening at Voodoo Rays and The Alibi on Monday 9th March from 7pm.

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Beyond Clueless