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Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii

In two weeks Club Lesley returns to Dalston Superstore! Alongside regulars like Falcon Punch, MDMX and The Lovely Jonjo, Canadian ethereal pop outfit Blue Hawaii join for a special DJ set. Comprised of former couple Ag and Ra (of art-rock band BRAIDS), the duo has so far released two highly personal records and garnered critical acclaim for their live performances alongside acts as diverse John Talabot, Azari & III and Actress. Ahead of the party, we caught with Ag to find out more about what we can expect from the Blue Hawaii record bag...

Blue Hawaii are well known for your live performances... what can we expect from your DJ set?
I'll play whatever vibes best with the night. That's what makes DJ sets unique - you don't do the same thing every time, the main goal is to keep the best party going! Probably be focused on having fun though!
You always seem to appear on really eclectic bills- who do you consider your contemporaries?
Ah. Well we had this thing develop where we were basically a live act who identified strongly with DJ culture, so our live sets took on this back half where they would turn into a DJ set. So we can get billed either way... And our favorite nights are often a little but ravey for sure. 
There's quite a big difference sonically between your records and your live shows- where do the DJ sets fit in within this? What's in your record bag for the night?
This is true. It's because the live environment we see ourselves in is one of dancing, no somber contemplative music- but at home where we record, well, that is what naturally feels right. Record bag will be things like: Omar S, Todd Terje, Ginuwine, TWR 72, Destiny's Child, all. Things like THAT haha •_•
What influence do your immediate surroundings have on your writing process?
Everything. Traveling keeps the mind and body sharp...
And how much of your personal relationship did you/do you allow to be reflected in your records?
A lot. The first one was about meeting and the second about breaking up. Wonder what's left for the third?!

What is the glue that holds Blue Hawaii together?
Friendship and love and a special understanding that don't exist between no one else.
If you had a time machine and could visit any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would we be going?
Right now is pretty damn cool. But yeah- the future, baby.
You both seem to come from quite different perspectives- what are some DJs and live shows/acts that inspire you individually?
Kassem Mosse is a great example of someone who does both really well. Jamie xx is a huge inspiration in that regard. And I guess a friend now too! 
If your music was the soundtrack to a film, what film would be? (exisiting or fictional film...)
"The Sexiest Person Ever" 
In what way would you like for technology advances to further enhance your music making process... eg. by making physical distance seem even less so, or by production techniques?
Um. The latest version of Ableton will probably have the biggest impact technologically speaking. Or if someone created a huge free internet vinyl archive etc.

Photo credit: Mio Schörling

Join Blue Hawaii for their DJ set at Club Lesley on Friday 30th at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Blue Hawaii