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Borja Pena

Borja Pena

Superstore Saturday nighter B(e)ast is run by our favourite international party boy Borja Peña; a man who knows a thing or two about what makes a party go with a bang. We asked him about his favourite dance floors across the globe... 

Uhmm…. well apart from the obvious choices that would be Berghain Panorama bar or Fabric on a Sunday… and the best of all of them Dalston Superstore especially while my night B(e)ast happens… hehe... my five choices are more intimate places with fantastic music and amazing crowd that make this five dance floors the best ones in the world to have a party…. in no particular order as I really like each and one of them for different reasons.


One not to be missed if you go to Barcelona; this party is organised by the one and only Silvia Prada who's a fantastic DJ, a great host and an all round gorgeous girl who curates a killer party... Cabaret was sadly closed by the government last year but thanks to the wonderful people of Barcelona it has reopened again and it's back in full form with great music courtesy of Silvia herself and her guests that go from Hercules And Love Affair's Kim Ann Foxman to the creative director of Luis Vuitton Kim Jones himself… and if you add to this hottest Spanish guys and girls, well if you happen to be in Barcelona keep your eyes open for this one... Super recommended!


This party encapsulates the essence of Madrid: really underground local DJs, guests from all over the world, crazy shows, short films... It's a very special party that moves from one club to another so you really have to check on Facebook if its happening when you visit Madrid. The promoter/DJ/ host of the night Juan Vulker is an icon of the Madrilian night who never fails to deliver with a really mixed crowd all really up for a good time. Really good fun.


In truly underground New York style, this party is something of a hidden gem... The top floor of the bar where this takes place is a Broadway style kind of bar with people singing musicals and enjoying a glass of wine but when you go downstairs it's The MONSTER... and this party curated by Jools Pamper and Mandy Graves... who also happen to be wicked DJs. It attracts from the vogue houses of New York to fashionistas and music lovers… it's a very special party that happens on Thursdays. Regular DJs include Sean B & Will Automatic from SPANK (another very cool party that takes place in NY), Honey Dijon or international guests like The Lovely Jonjo.


Some people say it's the best party Berlin has to offer… Very lo key and run by Discodromo and Boris Dolinsk. This is a truly spectacular gay party that we were lucky to have at Superstore some months ago. It's pretty much gay and the music is genius, it also changes location so it's better to check in Facebook if you are in Berlin to see if it's happening. This is the one party when you hear tracks from past, present and future that keep you dancing all night long! BRILLIANT! It also has international guests and DJs like London's own Simon Rigg from Phonica Records.


Who said the Swiss were boring...? This party makes an exception because the hottest guys of Zurich come down and get tougher to dance the night away. The promoters are really amazing guys and are always bringing cool DJs from all over the world to keep this party the best one Zurich has to offer. It's getting bigger and bigger from its start in a little bar in the centre of town now being held in an enormous venue part of a hotel with 2 rooms. Last time I went... I forgot how I got home… ridiculous fun! GOOD times!!

There's so many other dancefloors all over the world that are worth a special mention but I do keep these ones above in a special place next to my heart! ENJOY!!

Borja is next playing at B(e)ast at Dalston Superstore with SNAX, Kevinfunkt and a very special guest on Saturday 4th of February! Don't miss.

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Borja Pena