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Enigmatic house DJ and producer Brawther spent his teenage summers travelling from his hometown of Paris as part of an exchange program to live with a host family in the Midlands and got exposed early on to the British dance music scene. Now, living in Leeds, Brawther has become a protégé of Chicago legend Chez Damier, releasing on celebrated label My Love Is Underground and is now a part of the mr intl records family. Ahead of the mr intl showcase this Friday, we spoke to Brawther about all this and more!

You discovered Nottingham's DiY parties at the turn of the century -  what was it about that time that led to you getting into house music?
Back in 2001, I stumbled into a serious house music party at The Bomb, the legendary club that hosted the infamous Floppy Disco parties by DiY. That night was ridiculous and from that moment on I felt that I wanted to be part of this culture. I couldn't put a finger on what the music was, but my head and my feet were at home.
What's the most important lesson you've learnt from your mentor Chez Damier?

Interesting question, possibly to respect your audience and inspire people and new generations at all time. Always bring people up.

Brawther And Chez Damier

Tell us what we need to know about Dungeon Meat, your project with Tristan Da Cunha, in one sentence...

It can be hard, it can be ruff and it can be pounding; the meat from the dungeon won't leave you indifferent once you have experienced it.

If you had a time machine and could visit any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go?

I would want to experience the first few years of the DiY free parties.

What's the one record we'd have to prise out of your cold dead heads?

Some obscure early '90s japanese house record that doesn't exist on the internet. Yet.

You're an international man, but how did you come to be on mr intl records?

I first heard about the possibilty to work for Andy thru Christian from Skudge. I always refuse remixes but thought he was of wise council.

Why Leeds?

Back to Basics and warm and friendly people.

What are the most Underrated parties happening in France at the moment?

The Flyance parties.

You've remixed My Offence by Hercules & Love Affair and it's ace. If you had free license to remix any track from history with no worry from the artist or their label, what would you pick and what would you do with the track?

That's a tough one. I couldn't choose a track that is a classic because there's no testing against a classic, period, unless it's an edit. I couldn't say.. sorry.

Join Brawther tomorrow night (Friday 12th December) for mr intl London at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

Photo credit: Gracie Rogers

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