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Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light

This Saturday sees super-fun party-starters Little Gay Brother Presents back to host Superstore's first ever slumber party! With both Severino and Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light treating us to their DJ selections it really will be the most bitchin slumber party to ever take place in Dalston. 

We pinned down Mister Bright Light Bright Light himself to quiz him on all important topics such pyjamas, gossip, movies and of course his own music and mashups! 

What can we expect from your DJ set at In Bed With Little Gay Brother?

Some great Morales and Vasquez mixes of some of my favourites, as well as some bootlegs I've made, a healthy dose of '90s house, some pop records that tap into that sound, and some of my favourite early 2000s club tracks I don't get to DJ at my '90s night!

What's your fave slumber party movie?

To watch, Romy & Michele's High School Reunion. I love that film SO MUCH. Maybe for something with a slumber scene, Slap Her She's French. 

Who is the most unexpected influence on your music?

Maybe Supertramp? They don't really come through in the music I produce, but I have their whole back catalogue on vinyl and they make me really happy, and really force me to try and be more inventive with melody and lyrics. 

Over Christmas you released a mash-up every day as an advent calendar! Amazing! Was it hard to keep it going and released something you were happy with every single day?

Well I made a lot of them throughout the year so it was kind of an advent rounding-up my favourite mashups from 2012. I had a lot of fun making them so it was actually a really nice recap for me. A few of them I did make on the fly for the calendar as I remembered how much fun it was making then, so I started going through my acapella archives again!

What would you say has been your career defining moment so far?

Opening for Scissor Sisters on tour was amazing, and a really big thing for me. I used to play them on my student radio show back in 2004 before their album came out, and I was SO excited about discovering them. To go from being a super fan to being their opening act, and having Del on my album, was something I never, ever thought I'd achieve.

What is your current dance floor killer?

I'm addicted to everything Disclosure have put out, ever. My Intention Is War and Blue You, and of course Latch. But when we were on tour Sybil's When I'm Good And Ready was our car dance party track. So uplifting.

Slumber parties are pretty much about gossiping and telling secrets so please divulge a secret about yourself!

I love a good night out, and I love a slumber party but I'm very much a morning person.

What are your grand plans for taking over the world in 2013?

I'm going to be doing some US dates in the new year, working on the second album, doing some collaborations and I'll be DJing and playing live for most of the year. So a few different things to spread my wings.

What is your favourite track of your own and why?

Good question! One of the songs for the next record actually, but of the ones already released, I think Feel It. It really came out of nowhere. Working with Jon who I wrote and produced it with is always fun, but this ended up a lot darker and a lot more euphoric than we thought. I love playing it live, and I love Mykal's incredible diva vocals in the middle!

As the dress code clearly states pyjamas please do tell us what you'll be wearing for In Bed With Little Gay Brother…

I'm imagining some kind of dressing gown, rather than my usual battered old tshirt. I've never been one for full on pyjamas...

Join Bright Light Bright Light for In Bed With Little Gay Brother this Saturday 19th January from 9pm - 3am. 

Image credit: Sounds Magazine

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