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Danse Club Records bros Brodanse join us this Friday night for our two-floor Rome Vs Egypt Extravanganza that is Severizzle (that's Grizzle + Severino). Real-life brothers Scott and Austen not only DJ and produce under the name Brodanse but also helm the good ship Danse Club, home to remixed from artists like Oliver $ and Lula Circus. We caught up with Brodanse before they join Sev in the "orgy laser basement" for a whole night of jackin' house...

Why do you only ever wear navy?

Austen: Because we are ginger! It looks the best! Have you ever seen a ginger person in yellow? Hope not.

How did you meet and befriend Severino?

Austen: I actually met Severino when I used to live in Milan, he was DJing there one night and a mutual friend who ran the record shop Serendeepity introduced us, but we all really hit it off when we moved down to London last year!

What is your definition of "real house music"?

Scott: This is our definition so in no way is it THE word . . . it's not trendy or hyped, it's just good old grooves from the heart that make you move your feet!

When and why did you set up the Danse Club label?

Austen: The label was set up in in 2012 with the first release coming out in December. It was set up in a rather organic way to be honest, we posted an old track on Facebook and our friend Oliver Dollar liked it, we thought 'hey what if he remixed it', we got hold of the original and did a deal with the licensor and Olli and everything worked out nicely, so naturally we thought let's just roll with this and run a label!

Who's the hidden gem on the label- who should we be listening to more of?

Austen: Personally I think it has to be Matthew K, he is the cousin of Oliver Dollar, and we first got onto him when he sent us his mix of Cherie Lee's Love Me Or Leave Me totally out of the blue , that track is a can opener!!! And there is more to come!!

Scott: For me it has to be Mario Aureo, we have him doing a remix on a forthcoming Markus Homm EP! In fact Markus Homm, he is also one to check out!
Austen: No no, John Jastszebski! That guy is going places!! His remix of I Got Something Here is next level.
Scott: Agreed. Job done.

What's the signature of Danse Club Records?

Scott: Essentially it is solid music for the dance floors and night clubs! But 'the sound' which people seem to like just comes down to our personal taste...

Who are your personal Real House Heroes?

Austen: Got to be Radio Slave, we have been following him for so long.

Scott: He is just consistently good. 

What can we expect from a Brodanse set at Dalston Superstore?

Austen: A few forthcoming Danse Club releases which we have not played out yet. A massive new one we have just signed, and of course our collab with Groove Armada!

Scott: Some serious grooving!

What fuels your studio sessions?

Scott: The vision. Our vision of DJing that music to thousands of people around the world. Nothing gets us going more.

What's the furthest you've ever gone to track down a record?

Austen: I spent a s**t load on Discogs buying some proper hard to find ones, a) cos I love them and b) because we are trying to license them to the label.

Scott: I went to Berlin, and accidentally found a record I have been searching for for a very long time!

Join Brodanse this Friday 13th September for Severizzle at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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