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bust yo nut top bar tracks

bust yo nut top bar tracks

Ahead of tomorrow night's bust yo nut party, we asked promoters Martyn Fitzgerald and Toby Grimditch to expand a bit more on their top bar music policy. With its focus on '80s r'n'b and early hip hop we asked them to tell us about the tracks that inspire them...

We've been bold with the artwork and opted for summer pastels even though the sun has yet to put his hat on.  Hopefully this will be our first bust yo nut party where we're not leaving in salopettes (not very hip hop either, are they?). We're both children of the '80s, as in we remember throwing down the lino in Basildon and doing god awful body popping in Gabicci tops and Filas; but although loads of people listened to the stuff we're going to play upstairs, as two white mo's our world didn't really bring us into contact with clubs playing this...  

One reason obviously is the homophobic element that's always been there, but, well, fuck that, it's good music!  And a lot of those comments back in the day have been quietly retracted as they've realised how naff they sounded.
The last party was a total riot and that's where we want the night to go - broad music policy: early days hip hop, classic r'n'b, new jack swing, trap (although Mistamaker has to provide that, as love it but not a clue), bit of '80s electro vibe and the odd hands in the air curve ball.  Basically a big knees-up. Here's a slice of what we'll be going for:
Electric Kingdom - Twilight 22

Lisa Lisa - I Wonder If I Take You Home

C.O.D. - In The Bottle

Guy - Her

Mantronix - Bassline

Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause

Chaka Khan - This Is My Night (Dance Remix)  

LoudPCVK - Dolly Parton 

HPNTK - Money

Join Martyn and Toby for bust yo nut this Saturday 13th April at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am.

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bust yo nut top bar tracks