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Candi Bianca

Candi Bianca

This Friday we welcome Warm Up resident Candi Bianca for a special basement DJ set at Papa Loko alongside Othon and Twang. A producer in her own right, Candi joins us to play a set full of techno pumpers by herself and her favourite artists. Ahead of the party we caught up with her to find out a bit more!

Who is Candi Bianca? Describe yourself in one pithy sentence for us.

Nobody's Daughter.

What was your catalyst for becoming a DJ? Was there a moment where you were just like I NEED TO DO THIS?

A few run-ins with love, death, and reality kick-started the musical journey I'm on now.

Tell us about Warm Up, the party where you are resident! How was the recent Warm Up In The Woods?

I was approached by Warm Up's founder Aidan Doherty about a year and a half ago, he came across my Soundcloud online and obviously thought the style of music I play would fit into the project; that was basically how the relationship started. I was invited to play my first gig at an event they did with Applescal and from then on I've had regular sets with Warm Up.

As for Warm Up In The Woods, the first one we did was really special. It's a project aiming to take clubbing back underground and considering the current state of the scene I think it's refreshing.

Who are your techno heroes?

Well it's a very long list but off the top of my head - Microtrauma, Max Cooper, Dominik Eulberg, Mononoid, Extrawelt, Electric Rescue, Carl Craig, Lewis Fautzi, Tobias Freund, Minilogue and many many more.

You’ve actually studied electronic music at SAE…! What was one thing your learnt over the course of your studies that you hadn’t expected or anticipated?

Learning to use Logic X and being able to perfom to a crowd. I'm generally very shy and just turning up to my classes was a mission in itself.

How would you describe your own productions if say, you were writing the blurb for them selling on a website like Juno?

Experimental Techno / Electronica

Beyond that, it's a difficult one, as the tracks I've recently made are all unique in their own different way. Sometimes a track may go a bit minimal and other times a bit mental, all depends on my mood.

What are you studio essentials?

Cup of tea, no neighbours and plenty of cable ties.

How is Candi Bianca’s DJ summer schedule shaping up?

I'm looking forward to Papa Loko on Friday at Dalston Superstore, Warm Up In The Woods 2 on the 4th July, then it's Warm Up's 2nd Birthday with Petar Dundov, Rone and Parra for Cuva on July 17th. On the 8th August myself and fellow Warm Up residents are supporting Avant Garde with Lake People, Gardens of God and Few Nolder..........so yeah I'm really looking forward to my summer.

I also have two releases coming out in July and August which I'm very excited about.

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go?

12/04/2014 - I'd love to go back to a party at the holy church of Ruigoord in Amsterdam because I missed the beginning of Lewis Fautzi's set.

What’s the one record you put on when you’re getting ready to go out to DJ?

Circulate by Microtrauma.

This track by Microtrauma has been a favourite of mine since I first heard it back in 2011. It just makes me feel good and reminds me of dancing the night away in Cologne. With the music that I play,  it's nice to 'circulate' music for more people to hear - ironically I suffer with a circulation problem but music is a great distraction.

Join Candi Bianca this Friday 12th June for Papa Loko at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am.

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Candi Bianca