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The TrailerTrash team are super-excited to have Kill The DJ's Chloé play their tranny-extravaganza and have wanted her on their bill for some time now. We were lucky enough to catch up with the French underground electronic star and quiz her on the dance scene in Paris, her recent projects and playing the Easter long weekend...

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing when I was 17, actually when I discovered electronic music. I started buying records; at that time you couldn't find this music on any other format than vinyl. I was studying law and university gives you a lot of time so I was playing more and more and then I started to produce. I released my first EP in 2001 on Karat records. Since then I’ve DJed everywhere, released a lot of EPs and remixes on different labels, released two albums, and will release a new track on my first label Karat in the next two months.

What’s the dance music scene in Paris like at the moment?

In the last two years there have been much more parties going on, inside clubs as usual, like Rex Club and Showcase, but more and more outside clubs which is kind of new for Paris.

You’re playing at the TrailerTrash Easter Sunday Special- do Parisians go all out for long weekends like Londoners do?

A lot of Parisians goes out on long weekends, but a lot also leave Paris to go to the countryside. In the summertime on long weekend Paris is a bit empty.

You DJ all over the world- what’s the most remote or strangest place you’ve ever played?

I’ve played few times in India, and it's an amazing place to play that you’d never think about.

Your last album came out in 2010- do you have plans to do another?

 My first album The Waiting Room was released in 2007, the second one One In Other in 2010. These days I'm not focusing on a new album, as I'm working on remixes and EPs, and also I'm producing an artist called The Big Crunch Theory, working on her second album.

Can you tell us a bit more about your live show and subsequent book Chasser Croiser?

I released a book and CD in September 2011, it was a very specific project organised by the French radio show L'Atelier de Création Radiophonique (ACR). The show asks artists from any origins to arrange and create an artistic piece. Radio is a laboratory of sound experimentation. I was totally free to choose a specific theme and to work on it the way I wanted. The result was a 40-minute piece that I performed live at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and is released on the CD.

The book consists of my photos taken during trips, tours and DJ sets, notes, projects, albums, collaborations, and excerpts from notebooks.

Which surrealist artists have been the biggest influences on your music?

Aragon, Duchamp, Elsa Triolet, Joyce Mansour, Maiakovski. Surrealists left us with an important freedom to dream, create poetry and love, and it’s in this way it’s a big influence.

Who would you share your dream line-up with?

Maybe my mum, as she use to be a Disc Jockey when she was young!

What is the one record you just can’t stop playing?

I like Metronomy's latest album a lot!

Chloé plays TRANNYTRASH this Easter Sunday 8th April with Hannah Holland (TrailerTrash), Michelle Moist (TrailerTrash), Alexandra Parade (TrailerTrash), Nicola Fisher (Gutterslut), Josheline Caffe (Batty Bass) and Dame Squeaky (Paris’ Acid Ball) all spinning their wigs in-between spinning records from 8pm – 4am. 


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