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Darren Black

An exhibition brought to you by ArtHole

Dalston Superstore
05.03.2015 - 02.04.2015
Launch event 05.03.2015 6pm-10pm

March 5th will mark a major turning point in Darren Black's photography career. It will be this pivotal moment where his direction and outlook changes for mere fashion photography to a status of photographic artist-image maker. Armed with camera and computer in one hand, scissors and glue in the other, Darren will brandish both old-school and new technology techniques used to rampage through his archive of work to present a fluid blend of photographs which have been both deconstructed and re-assembled. No image is off-limits to the cravings of his imagination and the carnage he is aiming to create.destroy.create. This show is a reflection the process as well as outcome. We see images from the 6-year Darren Black archive, both professional and private, literally torn apart and cut up, spliced together with other images into new moments which transcend time, redirect space, and take no notice of continuity. This is a confident leap away from an industry where the desire for the perfect image through laborious retouching leaves it ignorant to the real talent. Black is now using the camera as a stage in the development of an image; the camera is now a tool to capture a moment from which starts the really journey of creation. The resulting collection of work is both stylish and fascinating. No longer just the image of the girl or the boy in front of the camera, you feel as though Darren himself has something to say about the images he has taken.

If you have been previously impressed by Darren Black´s iconic style in the past, then this switch is going to leave you hynotised.

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