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Dalston Screentests

Dalston Screentests

Exhibition run: February 12th - May 11th, 2014
A two-part exhibition at Dalston Superstore & Stunt Dolly
Curated By: Ryan Lanji & Saskia Wickins

This February curators Ryan Lanji & Saskia Wickins unveil a two-part exhibition celebrating some of Dalston's cultural icons through a modern interpretation of Andy Warhol's iconic screen tests.

Between 1964 and 1966 in his studio known as 'The Factory' in New York City, Andy Warhol created over five hundred screen tests featuring anyone he deemed to have 'star potential'

These silent film portraits not only remain a testament to his eye for celebrity but acted as a time capsule for the cultural fabric of New York in the sixties.

Dalston has been an area infused with creativity due to its continuous support for art and music. Over the past years it's undeniable that this unique district of north-east London has unknowingly had the same Warholian effect on ostracised creatives in search for a home and an outlet for their eccentricities. Landmarks such as Dalston Superstore and new additions like Stunt Dolly have championed the heritage of Dalston and understand its strength as a culturally mosaic community.

Dalston Screentests will act as a two-part exhibition inviting eight of Dalston's most iconic creatives to Stunt Dolly hair salon where they will be captured in a screen test. The silent film portraits will then be unveiled in Stunt Dolly and continue to Dalston Superstore where screen printer Cassandra Yap will transform the short portraits into artworks fusing Warhol, Dalston and it's championed creatives.

The exhibition will run from February 12th till May 11th and is free for the public.

 RSVP for the private view & all other enquiries to:
 art@dalstonsuperstore.com or enquiries@ryanlanji.com


PART I: The Screen Tests
Feb 12th 2014 - 6-8pm at Stunt Dolly Hair Salon

PART II: The Screen Prints
February 12th 2013 - 9pm – late

RSVP TO: info@stuntdolly.com

The Curator's invite the exhibition spectators to walk as a collective to the second part of the private view creating a 'Dalston Procession'. 

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Dalston Screentests