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Dance Energy

Dance Energy

A little bit of BBC2's seminal show Dance Energy will be transposed into the Dalston Superstore laser basement this Thursday night as Normski joins us for Society's Dance Energy Takeover!

As Kieran from  Society tells us, "Dance Energy was a prime-time TV show on BBC2 every Wednesday (just before the Fresh Prince if I remember rightly). It was hosted by Normski - who was genuinely the coolest person on TV at that time - and was a bit like the UK's very own New Dance Show, but with added gossip and a few more people with curtains. If you bear in mind there was only 4 channels back then (and no internet), Dance Energy was a Godsend."

With this in mind, ahead of the party we asked five members of the Society collective to pick their personal favourite and inspiring Dance Energy moment to share. And they sent us this hot mix too! 

Ciaran: The Ragga Twins - Spliffhead... To this day it still says everything about why I love music. Different cultures, sounds, fashion, people coming together to create something positive, exciting and truly beautiful. 

Nicola: Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives... Gotta Get Up, Got To Feel Good. This song is a personal favourite of mine - it holds lots of fond memories and never fails to put a huge smile on my face. Dance Energy always had the absolute best crowds and in this clip you can see they are absolutely havin' it! Check out the two guys dancing in sync at 1.30min. This is exactly the sort of dance energy (sorry!) we're expecting people to bring to the night. This. Tune. Will. Get. Played.

Henry: SL2 - DJs Take Control... Back in '92 I was given a (copied) mixtape of Slipmatt and Lime recorded at Fantazia. As a former metal head I had never heard hardcore before but completely fell in love with the sound. Little did I know 19 years later Slipmatt would play for us at our first Society warehouse party. A great moment for me and one that I wished I could tell my younger self!

Jamie: The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place... Unfortunately I never actually got to watch Dance Energy, most likely due to over protective parents that had probably read too many Daily Mail headlines. I didn't even realise dance music existed. But bizarrely it was my mum who introduced me to dance music in the end, when she went to HMV and picked up a couple of CDs of music that 'the kids were into'. She'd bought me Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust and Prodigy's Music For A Jilted Generation. I loved the Prodigy album and ended up buying their previous album Experience, and Everybody In The Place is a huge tune. Looking at this video of the Prodigy performing it live, I feel like I missed out, but big up's to my mum for getting me into their music eventually and making me the wreck I am today.

Kieran: The end of Dance Energy always showed off the dancers in the studio. And this clip shows some of the crowd dancing to Big Daddy Kane. We get to meet Damian from Dover, "H.M.D" who wants "A Baby" and Pierre, who name checks Al Jarreau. Check out the guy in the Chicago tee and dungarees, and the guy in the two tone Karl Kani's and 'Do The Right Thing' medallion - lot of ideas for how to dress (and dance) on the 30th. 

Join the Society DJs at Society's Dance Energy Takeover with Normski and Robert Owens at Dalston Superstore this Thursday 30th May from 9pm - 2:30am.
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Dance Energy