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Darrell Berry

Darrell Berry

Some people have been part of the fabric of Dalston Superstore since the very beginning. Our friends, our DJs, our patrons. One such person is photographer Darrell Berry who was here for our launch party and has snapped the bold, beautiful and the downright trashy that have passed through our doors for the last three years. We caught up with him to talk photography styles, Superstore memories and favourite pictures...

How would you describe your photography style?

21st century nightlife meets 1940s Hollywood studio shot.

Rokk By Darrell Berry

What attracts you to club photography?

Being able to share my love of a world where endlessly creative people are making and sharing amazing new culture, whether that's music, fashion or performance, hopefully in a way that others can see WHY that world is so amazing, even if they weren't there or would have no real interest in that world for its own sake. Making the FEELING of a moment, one that was over in the duration of a dancefloor heartbeat, last as an image, and bringing that home so people can experience some part of that.

John Sizzle By Darrell Berry

Who are you favourite subjects at Dalston Superstore to shoot?

Ha. It's different every night. Some nights there are people who you just know are going to do ... something...  and that I'll need to ready to capture that when it happens. That could be a look, or just a moment where everything comes together and works, and you know that feeling will translate into an image... but of course the scene superstars, like Ma Butcher, A Man To Pet, keep making an appearance in my favourites. They are truly beautiful creatures.

What's your favourite picture you've ever taken here?

That's a hard one. Probably my 'defnitive' Superstore shot is this one… 

Darrell Berry Photography

You've used that on posters and it tells the story of the upstairs bar on a big night pretty well, I think.

But there are so many others!

This one, from the pre-pre-launch party back before opening night, still makes me smile.

Darrell Berry Photography

That’s on the dancefloor downstairs. Nothing like power tools to get the party started!

But they all tell a little bit of the story... I don't think this one's ever been published, but it’s a favourite...

Darrell Berry Photography

You took pictures at our opening night and have been coming back ever since. What's your favourite memory from the last three years here at Superstore?

My favourite moment was probably that pre-launch party. It was obvious even before day zero that Superstore was going to be amazing. And it was. And it still is, which is a hell of an achievement!

The Lovely Jonjo By Darrell Berry

All photography reproduced with the kind permission of Darrell Berry. For more of his photography please visit his official website or his Flickr page.

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Darrell Berry