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Deborah Ombres

Deborah Ombres

Sultry Spanish drag queen and MTV starlet Deborah Ombres joins us a special guest host this Saturday for B(e)ast. Co-hosting is Ursula Snakes with residents Borja Peña and Tom Peters in the basement whilst the top bar sees girl-DJ-duo The Wives takeover. Deborah, whose name is a play on the Spanish for "man eater", is sure to live up to her name and be quite the delectable host. We caught up with her ahead of the party to find out more...

How did you come to be on MTV?

It was an internal audition first as a boy and a few months later as a transvestite. It was hard and there a lot of interviews, but in the end I got it.

Who is your style icon?

I don't like icons. I like to know people with good mood and good heart. I wanna wear all kind of clothes make me comfortable and sexy. I'm inspired by maybe Beyoncé and Lady Gaga but just with a few tips.

Deborah Ombres

What three things make a good hostess?

Sympathy (for the devil), good vibrations, and alcohol (haha).

Why did you decide to move to Madrid?

I love big cities, and for my career the best option was Madrid. You would never see me in the country with a cow (or maybe you would if my millionaire husband wanted that).

What is the cabaret and drag scene like there? Where would you take us on a night out?

Now, with the financial crisis I think there is more room for people who are absolutely creative, brilliant, humorous and amazing. There's a new wave of drag queens and discos for trans* taking place that are very popular and successful.

A perfect night out for me is at Fulanita de tal, which is a pub and what's on depends on the day. Que Trabaje Rita is a good disco on Sundays, but Madrid has a very vibrant nightlife and you can enjoy a lot of different choices.

You've also worked in radio... do you prefer it to TV?

The radio experiences were amazing and is one of my favorites, but TV is also really special. I can't choose one or another.

Can you share a good tip or piece of advice from your book about the different types of men? 

The title of my book roughly translate as "How many toads you should kiss before you find a Prince". Men are like a good hairspray… you should try to find one less sticky 'cause you worth it.

Deborah Ombres

Talk us through your outfit for B(e)ast...

I never talk with strangers about my outfits. Maybe I will be naked.

If you were a cocktail what would you be and why?

A Cosmopolitan 'cause I've always envied Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex And The City. A woman that only writes a column every month and still earns enough money to wear luxury brands the rest of her life… When I'm older I wanna be like her.

Join Deborah Ombres at B(e)ast this Saturday 5th October at Dalston Superstore from 9pm-3am.

All images courtesy of Deborah Ombres

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Deborah Ombres