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This Friday we welcome extra special Argentinian guest DJ Dilo, via his adopted home of Berlin, to the Superstore basement for another edition of Fhloston Paradise! Following on from their last party when the fabulous Honey Dijon turned it out, Greg and Greg are back for more camp sci-fi techno fun. Ahead of the party they sat down for a quick chat with Dilo to find out more....!

By Greg & Greg

Welcome to London Dilo! You produce, sing, DJ, and perform live sets across a range of genres. Has it been difficult to be so versatile in a world that likes to easily categorise us by music, genre, etc?

Hi! I'm thrilled about my visit to London!

It has been a challenge to try making so many different styles; it is my personal search, and I really can't help but keep experimenting. I feel like my music as an extension of myself. I really think I would be bored if today I would be making the same music I was 10 years ago. I know that for a small number of people, this is difficult to understand, why I don't stick to a formula, but I need to feel free and keep having fun when I'm creating new music. It keeps me motivated if I have new challenges. 

You've lived between Berlin and Buenos Aries. How would you compare the two cities?

I think both cities love nightlife, so they have tons of clubs, bars and events. What I personally prefer about Berlin is that there is much more nature, tons of parks and lakes and also it's a big city that feels pretty chill to me. No traffic jams and not so many people on the streets. I'm always riding my bike instead of a car, which is nice and relaxing. 

Several famous London clubs have been under threat recently. What do you think of London? Is our music scene still one of the best?

I used to hang out a lot in London around 2007-2009. In my own personal experience one finds amazing parties and after-hours at people's flats, but the clubbing scene, except for Fabric, where I spent really good nights, I don't know very well so I can't really judge.  

We hope we can show a new side of London!

You're known for your live sets and this will be the first live set at Fhloston! What should everyone expect to hear when you play at Fhloston Paradise?

I will be doing a DJ/live hybrid set. Last year with the release of my album Ethereal, I played mostly live, so this year I'm taking a little break from that, and it's also a lot of fun to play other people's music, not just mine. 

With such a rich world of textures and sounds in your music, how do you approach the production process?

I've gotten more obsessive with the way I arrange and the post production process. I tend to create during the weekends, when I might be inspired by something and will quickly create the idea/draft. Some days later I start to edit and sequence, which is the more tedious part. I noticed that I always make better songs when I have a little idea already in my head of what I want to do, so I'm usually waiting on this moment and ready to flow. I'm also always writing songs on my guitar, which is an old school way, but those songs are mainly for my Elephant Pixel moniker. 

Any new releases or projects we should be excited about?

I'm very excited for my label Igloo this year, we are turning 10 years old, and I have big plans. New artists are joining the label and two are from London: Suso Flores and James Le Roux; and Jeannot from Buenos Aires. Pablo Denegri will release a new EP, and I'm working on compilations as well. I'm also currently working on a Dilo compilation that will include a selection of tracks from my album trilogy (Waheira, Ethereal #1 and Ethereal #2), which will be on CD. Remixes of Ethereal are in the works as well. I'm working on new songs that I'm writing on my guitar and of course new dance floor tracks so and I'm excited and curious to see where my next albums and EP's will be headed. 

The gay scene was once seen to be at the forefront of dance music, but that perception has changed. In Berlin clubs seem to be defined by music rather than sexuality. Do you see a big difference between the gay and straight scene music wise?

I don't see much difference and I personally don't think about those things. I'm very open and I assume there are always both straight and gay people in the places I frequent. Music is about bringing people together.

Fhloston Paradise is a reference to one of our favourite camp sci-fi films, The Fifth Element. Do you have any guilty cinematic pleasures?

Films are my second passion, after music. I always have obsessions-of-the-moment. I pick a certain theme and I go deep on it. The latest has been Scandinavian movies and TV series. I really enjoy their darkness and quirkiness. Borgen and The Legacy are really good Danish TV shows, and The Fall and The Missing are both superb shows from UK. But this year's award goes to The Knick. It has a superb soundtrack by Cliff Martinez. Nowadays Hollywood is making very bad and predictable movies, based on old formulas and ideas, but TV series are in great shape. They take more risks and they have better scripts. 

Finally, a legendary Dalston Superstore question. If we had a time machine ready to take you to any dance floor, past present or future, where would you like to go and why?

I'd like to go back to 1962 at The Cavern in Liverpool to see The Beatles. I would dance my ass off. Plan B would be The Hacienda Club in Manchester in 1982, the year it opened. That would be wicked too…. Oh, I have so many ideas! 

Join Dilo for Fhloston Paradise at Dalston Superstore this Friday 9th January from 9pm - 3am.

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