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Disco Bloodbath Reunion

Disco Bloodbath Reunion

It's a genuine Disco Bloodbath reunion tonight as former member Dan Beaumont joins Ben Pistor and Damon Martin back in the Dalston Superstore laser basement. With his new record Reality Checkpoint out now on the Disco Bloodbath imprint, it's about time for the trio to reform for one night only. They'll be showcasing their trademark blend of raw disco, spaced out Italo, vintage house and proto-techno whilst Grizzle takeover the top bar with Atlantis: an oceanic disco odyssey EXTRAVAGANZA.
Ahead of tonight's disco madness, we asked Ben and Damon to pose some burning questions to Mr Beaumont...
What were the first night club/club nights you started going to and what music was playing?
Elevation Reincarnation raves at the Crystal Palace sports centre - hardcore and jungle.
Strutt (techno) and L'Amour (handbag) at The Cross.
Space at Bar Rumba - deep house with Luke Solomon and Kenny Hawkes.
Garage (US garage) and Megatripolis (er... psy-trance?) at Heaven.

You recently bottled out of playing a Jungle set. What are your top 3 Jungle records?
1. Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)
2. Leviticus - The Burial 

3. Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows  

We know you buy a lot of 12" singles but what was the album you bought?
I usually don't really listen to albums because I don't have the attention span... But I picked up Neville Watson's release on Creme Organization last week and listened to the whole thing from beginning to end. It's stunning.

Where is house music heading?
If I told you I would have to kill you. Actually I have no idea but I'm pretty sure it's got nothing to do with hand stamped 12"s or EDM. Electroclash revival later this year? Nu-minimal? (Niminal?)
Which DJs have really blown the roof off the Superstore basement?
The handyman is on standnby whenever Optimo play (they are back on June 21st). Kim Ann Foxman always nails it; Robert Owens never fails to bring down the walls. Honey Dijon, Spencer Parker, Severino, Hannah Holland... all know how to do some damage down there. In our inaugural year Prosumer was pretty damn amazing.
I love our local heroes as well - The Lovely Jonjo, Dave Kendrick and Josh Caffe have been with us since the start and are all phenomenally talented.
Are there any upcoming bookings for either Superstore or Dance Tunnel that you're really excited about?
Optimo coming back to Superstore will be a banger. We have The Carry Nation over from NYC for Paris' Acid Ball after Glastonbury, they always know how to work it. 
At Dance Tunnel I'm looking forward to Lawrence, Maurice Fulton, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Christopher Rau, Arttu, Soulphiction, Tevo Howard, Juju and Jordash plus return trips for ItaloJohnson and Tama Sumo. So everyone basically. Oh and FWD moving in.
Your debut solo single Reality Checkpoint has just been released on Disco Bloodbath Recordings. What's up next for you in terms of production and releases?
Yes I have an EP on Classic Music Company coming out later this year with amazing remixes from Justin Robertson and October... Also some collaberations which I am not yet allowed to discuss!
You're a very busy man. What do you do to relax?
Watch very old episodes of Doctor Who.

Can you give us a current top 5 records?
1. The Gnork cut off the forthcoming Blind Jack' Journey 12" 
2. Murat Tepeli - Forever (Prosumer's Hold Me Touch Me Remix)
3. Marcos Shuttle - The Vox Attitude (original and Joey Anderson remix)
4. The Willie Burns - Run From The Sunset EP
5. Carl Taylor - Debbie's Groove (original & Robert Hood remix)

In the past, we've discussed our dislike for "zany" interview questions. With that in mind, if you were a pizza topping which one would you be?

That's easy: the Full Moon Slice at Voodoo Ray's. Bacon dust and mayonnaise. Only available after dark.

Join Dan Beaumont, Ben Pistor and Damon Martin for Disco Bloodbath tonight, Friday 31st May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Disco Bloodbath Reunion