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Disco Bloodbath

Disco Bloodbath

It's time to dance off that extra turkey leg courtesy of Disco Bloodbath's Post-Christmas/Pre-New Year knees up! With Jamie Bull of Homoelectric fame plus Shay Malt and Nick G from Wet N Wild joining them, it's bound to hit the right note to get you grooving all night long. We caught up with Disco Bloodtbath duo Ben Pistor and Damon Martin ahead of tomorrow night's party to find out what 2012 brought them and what the year ahead holds for them and their fledgling record label...

What's been your favourite party you've thrown this year? 

Damon: Our party with Optimo at Dance Tunnel was pretty special. We're really excited about that venue.

Ben: The first party we did was in February when is started snowing heavily at 5pm and didn't stop until 6am. I didn't think anyone would come but they did and it was ace.

I thought we might have to close early but there was a brilliant lock-in atmosphere until the end. It took my friend Alex 13 hours to get back to Dalston from Newcastle that night and he came straight to the club!

And the best party you've attended? 

Damon: I had a great time at the DJ Harvey party at Oval Space. Obviously the music was great but the best part for me was seeing so many people that I've known from going out and putting on parties over the years in London all at one party.

Ben: The Harvey party was a real one off. Like a rave prom night. I also had a great night at Horse Meat in Berlin in an office block (I think) then on to Panorama Bar. Prosumer played ESP - It's You as they opened the shutters, it almost made me ralph with excitement.

Why did you guys decide to set up your own record label and how do you intend for it to stand apart from others? 

Damon: Starting a label is something that we've wanted to do for a long time. I think our main goal is to keep the quality of releases as high as possible and rely on the fine taste of the record buying public.

Who can we expect to see released on it next year? 

Damon: We already have original tracks and remixes lined up from Waze & Odyssey, G&S, Al Gobi, Hardway Bros, Objects of Illusion, Neville Watson and a chap called Dan Beaumont.

Who would you really love to release on it- dead or alive… 

Damon: Putting out a record by Sylvester would be pretty cool.

Ben: New York Citi Peech Boys.

Why is Dalston and the surrounding area Disco Bloodbath's home? 

Damon: It just sort of worked out that way. I've lived around here since I moved to London about 11 years ago and lot of our friends live round here too.

What's your favourite end of the night banger to really surprise a crowd with? 

Damon: Not really a banger but Olivia Newton John - Magic has been a big end of nighter for me over the years.

Ben: Is this so Beaumont can nick them? I’m really in to The Blue Nile - Tinseltown In The Rain at the moment.

Whose records should we buying that chances are we probably aren't? 

Damon: A new artist we've signed recently and are very excited about called Objects Of Illusion. Our first release from them should be out in the spring.

Ben: I've been enjoying Nouvelle Phénomène from Budapest who I found out about from the DJ History website. Not sure they've had any records out though, maybe a CD and some free downloads.

What's your favourite dance floor and why? 

Damon: I'll always have fond memories of Passion on Amhurst Road where we started Disco Bloodbath.

Ben: Passion for me too, it's got some magic that you don't find in many places.

What's the best piece of advice for 2013 you have for our readers… 

Damon: Always accept sweets from strangers.

Ben: #FF @disco_bloodbath 

Join Damon and Ben for the Disco Bloodbath Christmas Party this Saturday 29th December at Dalston Superstore with special guests Jamie Bull, Nick G and Shay Malt.

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