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This Saturday sees the return of one of our favourite parties, Discosodoma. And this time they've invited Italians-living-in-Berlin, Discodromo to the Superstore basement! Fresh from the 5th Birthday of their own party/record label, CockTail D'Amore, the duo will be joined by local heroes 2Dads'Boy, MDMX, Y.O.T.I. and Anywayyouwanna. Ahead of the party the Elektra Complex collective posed a few questions about Berlin, dancing philosophies and global politics to find out more about them...

By Elektra Complex

It’s been a year since your last appearance at Dance Tunnel in London. What has changed since then?  

Not much to be honest... no wait, we're both one year older and our baby just turned 5!

Recently you celebrated the five-year anniversary of CockTail d’Amore with Joe Claussell as your special guest. What have been your most memorable moments during this journey?  

Oh, way too many to remember... one time we had a half hour black out though, and the dancefloor turned into a huge darkroom. 

If you had the chance to do it all over again, would you have changed something?  

No way! 

How has the Berlin scene changed over the years from your perspective? Do you enjoy the growing popularity of the city as an international destination? 

Music-wise we can say it's much more diverse now. Forget about Berlin as just techno city... there's a lot more going on these days. Part of it is because of all the newcomers. Gentrification though, is spreading though and well... who likes that???

Due to the volatile political situation between Israel and Palestine, you found yourselves issuing a statement reassuring your fans in Tel Aviv that your gig will happen no matter what. Do you find politics and social issues informing your music and performances?  

Actually that statement was more about music as a peaceful message. That's why we pointed out we played in both Ramallah and Tel Aviv.

“Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing” is a strong statement with multiple interpretations. Is music the ultimate form of escapism and a driving force for inclusiveness of all identities? Is this what sits at the very core of your work?  

*nothing matters when we're dancing* is more a declaration of love to music. It's about becoming one thing with it and loosing yourself. You call it escapism? We'd say more *meditation* 

With your new compilation, featuring Young Marco, Chymera, Lord Of The Isles, and yourselves among others, out in late October, where do you see the future of dance music going? Are there any distinctive sounds or styles emerging? 

It's funny you ask this cause dance music is becoming everyday harder and harder to define. Genres are melting and contaminating each other in unexpected ways. These experiments in genres crossover are what excites us the most.    

Next week you will be taking your CockTail d’Amore at ADE for a special event with cosmic disco patron, Daniele Baldelli. Do you have any equally exciting future projects you would like to share with us? 

Yeah well our compilation is coming out soon and that's something we're really excited about… plus there is another Cocktail d’Amore in Paris at the Gaité Lyrique on the 25th of October celebrating the 5 years of the party.

What shall we expect from your Discosodoma set? 

Everything... and more!

And finally, disco is?

THE answer. 

Join Discodromo this Saturday for Discosodoma at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am.

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