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DJ Haus

DJ Haus from Unknown To The Unknown joins us this weekend for a garage takeover with Kris Di Angelis in the laser basement for Tramp. His "digital rave factory", UTTU, is well-known for its mind-bendingly weird found-footage music videos, the type which you stumble across at 4am on YouTube. Ahead of Saturday's party we caught up with the man himself to find out more about his insane videos and his busy life DJing, producing and running a record label...

What is the best track on your latest release Thug Houz Anthems Vol 1 and why?
Trumpet & Badman, cos it's brass garage, plus it marks the launch of my new projects with DJ Q - watch out for that dropping v soon!
You're playing at Tramp here at Dalston Superstore... what's the trampiest thing you've ever done?
I'm not that trampy to be honest, I like my creature comforts... probably going to glastonbury... that was pretty trampy.
What is your favourite rave music video EVER? And what makes it so special…?

Has to be "I Can't Get Out the House by Alias G, I'm bias cos this is the next single on Unknown To The Unknown... but!!! WATCH DIS SHIT NOW!! AND TELL ME ITS NOT THE BEST THING UV SEEN!!!

What's the weirdest booth request you've had in recent memory?
There seems to be a trend in london, for blokes to come to the DJ booth and offer you money to play a tune they like… like... "Play Madonna for my girlfriend's birthday and I'll give you £50..." SO now I carry the Rihanna album with me at all times just incase I get requests… I'll do anything for money you know..
If you were gonna be the biggest diva in town, what outrageous items would your rider consist of?
*******, lots of it… some champagne and a cab home..
What's the best thing you've ever read about yourself in print?
That I'm hardest working man in dance music... which I like to think I am, but I probably don't work as hard as those Moroccan immigrants cleaning the toilets in Ibiza...
You make a lot of the videos on your YouTube channel... how do you go about making them? Do you just have a lot of freaky found footage you're sitting on waiting for the right record to match to? Or do you go hunting for it with the music in mind?
Yeah I just get stoned, and fuck about on i-Movie. I'll search for "Star Trek bikini" or "Chicago house pool party" and usually come up with something pretty funny.

There's also a strong influence from 8-bit video games in the UTTU videos... what are your fave games from then and now?
Best game EVER is Zak & Wiki for the Wii... closely followed by Mario Galaxy - I play all the Mario games religiously oh and James Pond 2: Codename Robocod, I played that too much as a kid.
You're obviously a man with a taste for strange visuals... what is the strangest film/tv show/art you've ever come across?
I once saw Merzbow play in an underground tunnel in Tokyo.. it was too loud you had to arch your head forward so it was a crowd of 300 people leaning forward getting blasted by extreme harsh noise... pretty brutal really but it has me the man I am today.
In previous interviews you've come across as someone who can't quite believe their luck in life... If you weren't being awesome running a label, DJing, producing etc, what do you genuinely think you'd be doing with your life?
Usual stuff I guess, working then spending all my money on records and beer.
Join DJ Haus at Tramp this Saturday 13th July at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.
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DJ Haus