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Doc Sleep and iona for il Telefono

Ahead of their b2b set at il Telefono this Friday we wanted to do a little feature about Doc Sleep and iona. HOWEVER, they decided they wanted to ask each other the questions.... Have a peep below! doc sleep       iona Iona:  Where’s the place you’ve most enjoyed DJing? Doc Sleep: I just got back from playing Ankali in Prague and that whole experience was so special. Highly recommend to check out the wonderful scene and have a dance if you can! Also, playing anywhere with R4R residents is so fun and I always learn a lot. A few recent experiences that come to mind - the beach stage at Whole Festival this Summer and Chouftohanna Festival in Tunis last year.   Doc Sleep: What was the first record you bought? Iona: I bought a few at once from a charity shop. Among them were: Fontella Bass - Rescue Me, America - A Horse with no Name, and a little 45 of cocktail bar music.   I: What is your favourite RnB tune? DS: Oh Lord! I am going to have to send a few: Me & U - Cassie, 1 Thing - Amerie, Heart it All Before - Sunshine Anderson, I'm Goin Down - Mary J, Wish I Didn't Miss You - Angie Stone, Tell Me - Groove Theory, Lil Mo - Superwoman, Rock Wit U - Ashanti   DS: When we play B2B, should we do 1s, 2s, 3s? 30 min? I: I like doing one each, I feel like it ends up being really engaging for everyone in the room. I think the set can sometimes exist as something nicely different to the sum of its parts. I like being made to think in different ways.   I: Samosa or onion bhaji? DS: Samosa!   DS: If you could take a visitor to a few London landmarks, venues, shops, etc, where would you take them? I: The Barbican Centre, Springfield Park and the marshes, Gordon’s wine bar, the cable cars near the Millennium Dome, Hampstead Heath swimming ponds. Maybe up the Shard if I could afford it, I’ve never been.   I: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? DS: I've never been to Mexico City even though I lived in California for a long time - I must go!   DS: Do you have a tried and true track you play to save a dancefloor?  I: Ye Ye So by Jimi Bazzouka is pretty irresistible.    I: What would be your podcast recommendation, musical or otherwise? DS: Radiolab for science/philosophy/strange stories, Beyond/Below for beautifully-curated moods.   DS: What's your most favourite gig you've ever played? I: Field Maneuvers is an annual highlight. I also really enjoyed warming up for LTJ Bukem at this year’s Kala in Albania.   I: What superpower would you choose? DS: Telekinesis seems pretty siq.   DS: If you could go back in time to a specific point in electronic music history, which year/city? I: This is too difficult I’ve been agonising for way too long. I’m not well-informed enough to make the perfect decision. A massive rave outdoors somewhere in the ‘90s I reckon.   I: What cocktail are you? DS: I will go with - a Greyhound, with a sprig of rosemary in a double old-fashioned heavy crystal glass.   DS: Which cocktail are YOU? I: Vodka martini with an olive. Catch them bum to bumming at il telefono this Friday <3
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Doc Sleep and iona for il Telefono