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Cry Theybies Brunch

East London’s maddest and messiest alt-cabaret stars hit the mothership, dishing up a smorgasbord of games, quizzes, shows and prizes every Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm.

It’s the 1950’s in Baltimore, Maryland. Students are lining up for polio vaccines, when suburban square Wanda Whatever meets Prinx Silver, heartthrob raised gentlethem. “Tired of being good,” the duo decide to host a brunch to explore their rebellious sides, blossoming into delinquent “Cry-Theybies” before your very eyes!

From the drag performers that brought you SUPER SEXY SPACESHIP MYSTERY Parts I & II…
Dalston Superstore becomes an old school greasy spoon diner on 3 April as brunch regulars Prinx & Wanda host an afternoon of entertainment inspired by the cult classic film “Cry Baby”, 1950s/60s America, low budget commercial motion pictures, and all things old, camp, and gaudy.

Expect unconvincing acting, delinquency, SHOWZ, low-budget specials effects, and a plethora of ridiculous storylines that John Waters would be proud of.


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Cry Theybies Brunch

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Cry Theybies Brunch