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  • Sippin T
  • Josh Quinton
  • Jeanie Crystal
  • Lagoon Femshayma
FABOO is the party on everyone’s lips! What is FABOO??! Who are the Fabooettes? And how will they fulfil your 12 inch fantasies????

Journey into an alternate reality of beauty, fashion, art, and performance with FABOO!

FABOO is the impossible threeway lovechild of Jeanie Crystal (Harpies), Josh Quinton (Disco Smack) and Jack Appleyard (Loverboy). They've been celebrating radical joy with FABOO TV throughout lockdown - join them as they take things three dimensional this July at the mothership!

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All events are currently being sold by table. In the event that government guidelines are relaxed and standing room is allowed, customers will be notified and all table tickets will be released as general admission tickets.

The safety of our customers is of utmost importance to the Dalston Superstore team. We will be following all government guidance to make sure we are able to party together as safely as possible. Please bare with us as we adapt and change how our events are run over the coming months.

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  Current COVID safety measures:
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  • Face coverings to be worn by all customers when moving through the venue.
Low/no income access
  • We reserve limited spaces for those who cannot afford the standard ticket price due to being on low or no income. Please email hello@dalstonsuperstore.com to enquire.


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