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Rishi Sunak’s Leaving Drinks: Huck Magazine + Queer House Party


It’s been 14 very long years of Conservative party rule. Five Prime Ministers, four elections, one referendum, countless scandals, a pandemic, an historic cost of living crisis, over a decade of cuts to basic services, welfare and social support, with over 330,000 deaths associated with them. A country that, many would argue, has been broken – we can only hope not beyond repair. Many of us have marched, fought, campaigned and tried to.

Those responsible, among them our current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, look finally set to be handed their marching orders in just a few short weeks. If polls are to be believed the 4th of July will be the final day of Sunak’s premiership and we thought we should send arguably the richest man to ever be elected to Parliament off in style.

There is no place we’d rather get together and collectively scream “good riddance” than in the hallowed hall (basement) of Dalston Superstore. Starting from 9pm on 4 July, we’ll be screening the election results live, going late into the night with an incredible roster of DJs curated by our good friends Queer House PartyHuck’s Digital Editor and resident gobshite Ben Smoke will be on hand to keep us abreast of developments through the early hours, as we watch and celebrate (hopefully) the demise of so many of those who have brought misery to millions. Don’t tell anyone but we may also have a few extra surprises lined up for you on the night…

Of course, what comes next is not set. Indeed, even if Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party does become the next Prime Minister, as it looks likely he will, the fight both at home and abroad is far from over. It’s why we’re taking the opportunity to fundraise for those currently at the centre of a genocide that many say Starmer provided political cover for. All profits from the night will be going directly to organisations at the heart of providing vital humanitarian assistance to those in Gaza.

We are still a few weeks out from the night and we’ll be doing a full line-up and beneficiary reveal in the run up to the event over on our socials so be sure to follow if you don’t already! THERE ARE NO ADVANCED TICKETS so you’ll need to get there early, particularly if you want to join in our epic exit poll celebration at 10pm. As extra incentive (as if you need any?!), we’ll be giving away free copies of Huck 75, with legend Zarah Sultana on the cover to the first 100 people through the door!

It’s been a hard, unrelenting few years – a simultaneously frantic and extraordinarily dull election campaign, and an uncertain future awaits us all but on 4 July, let’s all get together to celebrate, to take the night to think of all we’ve lost, all we’ve achieved and all we’re yet to win. To connect, to laugh, to [redacted], and, most importantly, to (hopefully!!) say a big SEE YA to the tories.

See you all on the dancefloor x

Rishi Sunak’s Leaving Drinks: Huck Magazine + Queer House Party

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Rishi Sunak’s Leaving Drinks: Huck Magazine + Queer House Party