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Transmissions presents: SORORITY BOYS (2002)

On closing night of Problematic Faves II: The Shequel aka Pr2blematic F2ves aka Problematique Vol. 2, we’ve swung big and are relying on good will and our inherent uncancellability to avoid any and all potential repercussions.
Sorority Boys (2002) may not be the trans representation anyone wants, needs, or asked for, but there’s a strong case to be made for a rigorous transsexual reading of what is undeniably a rich text.
When three disgraced frat boys accused of stealing from the treasury decide to go girlmode and infiltrate a sorority to clear their names, what follows plays like the story of two eggs unsurreptitiously being cracked and the dude friend along for the ride.
But however you read it, Sorority Boys (2002) is painfully regressive yet somehow magnetic 2000s oddity that will delight and offend in equal measure.
Expect dildo fights, dysphoria, liberal feminism, almost transbianism, cannibalism, and more.
Find us cosy in the basement at Dalston Superstore for another night at the movies.
“Look at me! I’m ugly! I would never fuck me!”
Tickets available via Outsavvy
Subtitles will be displayed throughout the film.
Seating is a mixture of benches, backed chairs, bar stools, and floor space, and is first come, first served.

Transmissions presents: SORORITY BOYS (2002)

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Transmissions presents: SORORITY BOYS (2002)