Friday 21st December - 21:00 - 03:00

Spend the longest night of the year at Patsy’s winter solstice with:
-DJ, dancer, cornerstone of London’s voguing scene and organizer of a new and very exciting queer Sunday party at Fabric Jay Jay Revlon 
-Backbone of all that is sassy, deep, and sleazy in Bristol, including the PLU party, bringer of the disco and good vibes Ranks 
-East London post-genre late-night banger pleasant surprises expert a boy from outer space 
-Balearic sorceress, a DJ’s DJ and also a DJ for the crowd, see her now before you can’t afford admission when she’s touring the world just you wait, Patsy resident Jaye ward 
With seasonal hosting and almost-naked go-go dancing by our beloved resident dancer Sasha 

free before 10/£7 after

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