Rock Chicks & Indie Pr!cks

Rock Chicks & Indie Pr!cks
Thursday 19th March - 21:00 - 02:30

Felix Le Freak (a seasoned groupie now proudly entering their 9th year of continuously stalking Aerosmith’s tour bus) and Mynxie (currently ‘on hiatus’ from fronting a post-punk band due to an incident involving the band’s manager and a very sharp stiletto) join forces to bring you a queer, sexy, angsty night packed with all your favourite punky, guitar-based hits spanning pop and alternative genres! Rock & Roll bingo cards handed out at the door – is that Stevie Nicks you heard? Joan Jett? Blondie? Or maybe P!nk or Kelly Clarkson?? Cross ’em off your bingo card and WIN prizes from the bar!
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