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Faze Action

Faze Action

Tonight sees Simon Lee, one half of seminal disco act Faze Action, here at Superstore for Chicago house party Society. He and his brother Robin helped define the nu-disco movement coming out of east London with their first EP in 1995, Original Disco. It's difficult to estimate the influence their band has had on DJs, producers and artists over the years, which frankly makes him an ideal guest for Society's party celebrating the "Uniting Sounds Of America" as he joins the legendary Robert Owens in the lazer basement with a whole set of NYC disco and Chicago house. We caught up with Simon ahead of his set tonight...

Playing out in London has changed considerably since Faze Action began in the mid '90s- what do you really miss and what do you feel has changed for the better?

I remember playing disco records in the '90s and people would come up and ask for something "a bit more pumping!" These days disco has gone from being a slightly special moment in a house set, to the expected or accepted norm, which in my eyes is a great thing!

What one record do you wish you'd made?

Hard question  there are loads... The Clash - London Calling, Marshall Jefferson -House Music Anthem, any Chic record and that's with out even thinking!

What's the most unusual influence you've ever managed to incorporate in your productions?

I think we used half a bottle of Cianti on one record!

Where is your favourite dance floor?

The living room!

Your seminal LP Plans & Designs helped kick-start what we now call nu-disco - how do you feel about having personally had such a huge impact on dance music?

I guess at the time we were just making music we wanted to hear, we didn't think about it. Looking back there were a few artists doing a similar style and we all got lumped in the nu disco genre.

What do you feel about the term "nu-disco"? Is it unfair of us to blame it on you?

I guess the term "Nu Disco" was a term made up by some journalist back in the day! To name a movement or to put like minded artists together. For me it's more of an approach to music, in that pretty much anything goes, which is a good thing.

What was the last record you bought?

Gyan Kiki - 24 hrs in a Disco

If you can pick one moment, what would you say has been the ultimate career defining moment for you so far?

Playing live at Glastonbury in 2000.

Who are your musical heroes?

Love all the greats: Stevie Wonder, Chak Khan , Marvin Gaye, Sylvester.

What are you most proud of releasing on Faze Action Records?

Love all the artists we've had Guy and Dan Williams as the Shack, Luke Howard as Miss Cheescake, Del Strange as Del Strange!

Simon Lee of Faze Action joins us tonight for Society Presents Robert Owens from 9pm - 2:30am.

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Faze Action