With the launch night of Bender almost upon us, we decided it was high time to catch up with special guest Fidel. Having played around the world, in China, Russia and beyond, and not just the usual Ibiza/London haunts; he’s also scored residencies in legendary clubs such as Turnmills and Fabric, and played alongside house music luminaries such as Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, Junior Vasquez. Before he joins Space veteran Smokin Jo in the laser basement at Bender, we posed a few of our burning questions to Fidel…
The club scene in London has changed a lot since you first started going out- if you could bring one thing or aspect of it back from the early ’90s what would it be?
Oh my. Have I been around that long? Ha! 
Trade at Turnmills was my sanctuary. Back then it was pretty amazing and I spent most of my clubbing days there. That’s how I really got into DJing; listening to Malcolm Duffy, Daz Saund, Trevor Rockliffe, Smokin Jo and Steve Thomas. The way they properly mixed underground house and techno records was mind blowing and flawless. That was an exciting time for the scene and for me. I don’t think I would be DJing if I hadn’t stepped foot in there and been inspired by such great talents. 
You used to be in a production duo called 2 Slags… what is the worst thing you’ve ever done to earn the epithet “SLAG”?
Giving head in drag. Ha! 
What’s the most mental place you’ve ever DJ’ed?
That would probably would have to be Hong Kong. The whole city rocks and they know how to throw a good party. I lived out there for a while and got up to all sorts of trouble. I remember one night playing at a massive airport to thousands of people just going completely nuts to pumping house. That was quite magical. 
What’s the best bit of (untrue) gossip you’ve ever heard about yourself?
That I’m a big woman. 
One record that sums up going on a bender…
DJ Sneak- You Can’t Hide From Your Bud
One record that sums up being a bender…
Ultra Naté – Free

Worst fashion faux pas you’ve seen this week?
Men in Crocs- they all must be stopped at all costs.
Besides yourself, who is your hot tip for the summer?
Juilan Murariu: my Romanian child. I taught him how to mix on vinyl and he loves it. I think he’s gonna make his Big Mama proud. 
Describe your mix in 3 words…
Jackin’ Gangster House.
Join Fidel at Bender on Saturday 27th July at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.
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