Stop Making Sense Boat Party

This August we’ve been invited back to Stop Making Sense festival, the truly amazing summer gathering on the Adriatic coast! We’re bringing down Superstore favourites Severino, Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont & Mikki Most, Rokk and Nadia Ksaiba. Elswehere you can catch high-grade music from incredible artists like Lil’ Louis, Ron Trent & Chez Damier, Jimmy Edgar, Rory Phillips, Move D, Deetron, Auntie Flo with arenas and boat parties courtesy of Durrr, Ostgut Ton, secretsundaze, Deviation, Trouble Vision, Electric Minds and Warm…. wow! We are embarking on a boat party and throwing a beachside minirave. For full details including tickets an accommodation tips head to the SMS website:

We are having a spacial Superstore SMS Warm Up Party in conjunction with Body Talk! Come and dance with us this Saturday 19th May with special guests Hannah Holland, Rory Phillips, Nadia Ksaiba & Mikki Most alongside Rokk and the Body Talk Residents. We can’t promise sea & sunshine but there will definitely be an abundance of excellent music on both floors to keep you on your feet!

SMS WARM-UP: Saturday May 19th, 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore

Hannah Holland

Rory Phillips

Mikki Most

Nadia Ksaiba



DALSTON SUPERSTORE BOAT PARTY: August 6th, 2pm-6pm, Tisno, Croatia


Hannah Holland

Nadia Ksaiba

Mikki Most 


DALSTON SUPERSTORE BEACH PARTY: August 6th, 6pm-midnight, Tisno, Croatia

6-8 Dan Beaumont & Rokk

8-9 Severino

9-10 Hannah Holland

10-11 Mikki Most

11-12 Superstore Allstars

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