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Miguel Dare takes over the top bar tonight for Truth Or Dare. With a live PA from the legendary Feral Is Kinky and DJ sets from Rowdy Superstar, Mark-Ashley Dupé and Joanna aka FIFI it's a perfect match with downstairs Ubermax party with Greg Brockmann. We spoke to FIFI ahead of Truth Or Dare to quiz her about her thoughts on the crossover between fashion and DJing...

How does your classical piano training translate into your current DJing style?

The impact of my classical piano training on my current DJing style is mainly technical. Piano playing develops hearing awareness. When you play piano, you train your ear to hear pitches and tones in relation to one another and  you learn to understand the rhythm and how music is put together. When I decided to learn how to DJ it came easily as I already knew all the technical aspects , it was just a matter of getting familiar with the equipment and type of music I want to play.

Vinyl or digital?

I learned how to DJ on vinyl. I loved the fact that you can feel the bit under your fingers. Unfortunately most of the clubs where I play don't have vinyl decks anymore. I had to adapt and switch to CDs, which on the other hand  gives me easier and wider access to the tracks that I want to play, as the majority of music is available online.

How much music crossover do you get with your day job in fashion?

A lot! On a daily basis. Music and fashion are  inseparable, both celebrate and encourage creativity and the expression of the self. Most musicians consider their fashion style as important as their musical credibility. They manifest the personality of their music into what they wear, and how they wear it. In my fashion job I was lucky to come across some of the brightest stars of the decade like Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Mykki Blanco and many more.

The other obvious manifestation of the collaborative spirit with music in my fashion job is catwalk shows and fashion films. The perfect song has the power to convey the aesthetic of a designer’s work in ways which presenting the collection on its own cannot.

What's your favourite track to end the night or your set on?

Pendulum - Tarantula. It works for every crowd. It's hype; people love it, know it and go crazy when its on. It's classic and it's never failed me!

Join Joanna aka FIFI for a game of Truth Or Dare tonight, Friday 1st March at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am.

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