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Final Dirty Diana at Dalston Superstore!

Final Dirty Diana at Dalston Superstore!

For the last two years at Dalston Superstore, Dirty Diana's tear-away club kids, hellafied homos and their gorgeous homies have been stomping in the darkness of the laser basement. The heaving bodies were brought together by their debauched sense of creativity and their uninhibited self exploration. Thanks to the killer, throbbing soundtrack presented by the incredible team of rotating DJs and performers, we have seen some serious magic over the last two years. In honour of the final Dirty Diana at Superstore, we caught up with the crew to talk about what DD has meant to them, and to hear some of the top tracks that had the laser basement screaming for more. 

Dirty Diana is the type of party you grow to love. She celebrates being and thinking outside the box. She is a community where you are celebrated for being the fierce individual that we all have the potential to be. A place where everyone is welcome.

The beats you hear at Dirty Diana take you all over the spectrum from the fiercest house and underground techno to c*nty ballroom chic in the basement. Upstairs you get the latest in trap, bounce and underground hip hop in the Banjee Bar; with regular live performances from up and coming queer hip hop acts, guest go-go dancers and performance artists from New York City, Paris and Berlin. Dirty Diana serves and never fails to deliver. 

Resident basement DJ, Frank.co Harris reflects on his unfathomable ability for tearing up the Laser basement: I literally get to play tracks from the stateside gay/ballroom scene and incorporate it into the ballsy techno and underground sounds that East London has come to appreciate. These kids literally dance, scream and slap the walls with excitement. You don't get that energy at too many other parties. 

Join us at the final Dirty Diana at Dalston Superstore - DD XV - on Friday 31 July from 9pm-5am.  

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Final Dirty Diana at Dalston Superstore!