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five minutes with Stefan Fähler

five minutes with Stefan Fähler

Dalston Superstore and ArtHole London are thrilled to present Gegen Identity, a retrospective of freelance art director and illustrator Stefan Fähler's poster work for Gegen Berlin. Fähler has designed gig posters for the likes of Ariel Pink, Baths, Death Grips, Mykki Blanco and Mogwai, and shown work in publications, exhibitions and festivals around the globe. Gegen is a complex word in German - it has two opposite meanings. Historically speaking it means "against” - signifying all the counter cultural movements since the very beginning of youth cultures, but if you apply the word to time, it means “around”. One meaning is closed, defined in terms of space. The other is open and undefined in terms of time. We sat down for a quick chat ahead of his latest show at Dalston Superstore.


Who are you and what medium do you work in?

Hi I'm Stefan and I make posters.

Who was the first artist who mesmerised you as a young person, and what specifically caught your eye?

I was obsessed with the Alien by HR Giger when I was a kid.


What training have you received in your chosen medium, if any?

Learning by doing, I am all self taught.

What's your fave piece of your work on exhibition with ArtHole?

All equal

 In an ideal world, what would you change about the current art world?

Throw out all elitists.

What do you aspire to?

Woah, my aspiration in life … would be … to be happy!

gegen identity at dalston superstore

Tell us a secret about yourself.

I am secretly 80% water.

What music do you make your art to?

The bands I work for, anything that moves me.

Describe your working process for us.

I work intuitively, fast and make sure I enjoy what I am creating.

What was the last thing that moved you to tears?

A stupid eye infection.

 Catch Stefan Fähler's Gegen Identity at Dalston Superstore from 31 March-21 May. 

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five minutes with Stefan Fähler