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Francis Inferno Orchestra

Francis Inferno Orchestra

The Battered Sausage party series is back this month with a special summer sizzler of a guest - Francis Inferno Orchestra. In between playing Panorama Bar and various festivals across the UK, this Aussie import runs a two labels and releases music under a few pseudonyms - a pretty impressive CV! We sat down to chat favourite parties, guilty pleasures and plans for Battered Sausage. 

Hello! Can you introduce us to Francis Inferno Orchestra?

Hi! Well I’m Francis Inferno Orchestra, I’m an Australian Producer & DJ currently living in London, I run a label called Superconscious Records with my friend Fantastic Man and another little imprint called BBW with another antipodean bud Tyson. I also throughly love Pocari Sweat.   

You made the move from Melbourne to London a while back – how has that change influenced your sound?

I’m still uncertain what ‘my sound’ is but I don’t think anything in London has necessarily influenced what it might be. If anything I think living in London has made me cherish my musical roots in Australia and identify more with where I’ve come from.   

Melbourne seems to have a pretty incredible underground dance scene which is continually growing and morphing into something new. Can you tell us a bit about how you have watched it develop?

I can’t exactly put my finger on why this is, but maybe it is something to do with the fact that we aren’t spoilt with the thick dance music culture that exist in the UK and Europe, and which feels a bit taken for granted over here. So we have to kind of make it ourselves even though we don’t have the population to support it. Not exactly sure why its mostly just Melbourne getting the attention but there are things bubbling in Sydney too. The best DJ in Australia is Steele Bonus and he’s from Sydney. Check him out!

The last five years have seen you travel across Australia and further afield. Over that time, which has been your favourite dance floor to play back home, and which has been your best international party?

Home - I used to run a party called Jungle Juice with my friend Luke, which was us playing for 6+ hours B2B while running the smoke machine non stop.
International - So far it's without a doubt Panorama Bar, but everyone knows that already :)  

You’re known as a DJ and producer with an eclectic list of influences - what’s a record people would be taken aback to discover you secretly love?

Destiny’s Child - Girl

You played B2B with our own Dan Beaumont last weekend in Croatia (hamazing!) Did you throw any curveballs in there to keep him on his toes?

Haha! The boat party was actually pretty amazing! I went easy on Dan however, I felt bad for him as he lost a bunch of his music before he got on the boat. Big shout outs to Dance Tunnel & Ransom Note for having me and doing a super great job with it. I won’t be forgetting that afternoon anytime soon. Big ups to Mark E too!

What exciting new acts have you got coming up on your record label BBW?

BBW is pretty spontaneous. We might put out a record once a year at best, which is usually myself and someone else but nothing is concrete at the moment for the next release. I’ve been focusing all my attention on my other label Superconscious. The next release is from Swedish duo Mount Liberation Unlimited which I’m really excited about.

Your alias Deepthroat sounds like a character who might pique the interest of our Battered Sausage crowd - can you tell us a bit about this side project?

I was making music that was more techno/industrial orientated and felt like it wouldn’t work under the FIO banner. So going along the BBW vibe (which is a genre of porn) I felt like Deepthroat was a name that suited the whole project. We’ve had 3 releases so far, which are sold out of shops but of course floating around on Discogs and the like.  

If you had access to a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would want to go dancing?

Music Box in Chicago or Cafe Del Mar in the 80’s would be cool. But I really think visiting a dance floor in Italy around ’91-92 would be pretty amazing.    

You’ve had a pretty crazy summer already, playing some of our fave small festivals. Is it too early to call a highlight?

I did this one called Schall Im Schilf in Munich - that was pretty special. But I’ve just gotten back from Garden Festival and I’m still riding that high, so maybe that takes the cake. Also Gottwood gets a special mention for the Sunday closing with MCDE, that was cool too!

Your sets tend to fluctuate across the spectrum of house, disco and techno. What can we expect from your set at Battered Sausage?

I never know what I’m going to play but this the time it’ll be 100% sausage anthems. 


Join Francis Inferno Orchestra this Saturday 11 July for Battered Sausage from 9pm-3am.


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Francis Inferno Orchestra