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Hannah Holland’s Jungle Anthems

Hannah Holland’s Jungle Anthems

Superstore fave Hannah Holland will be making a mid-week appearance next Thursday to play a rare jungle set for the girls at JERK! We caught up with the lady herself to ask her all about her musical journey through jungle- when she first heard it, what made her like it when she first started playing it and what her top jungle anthems are...

I first fell in love with jungle when I was about 13; my mates used to play pirate radio non-stop and go to raves. It was the soundtrack of the area; jump-up , dark, raw, ragga, pure energy. I went to my first rave around that time, in a leisure centre full of lazers, white gloves and the legendary DJ Hype, fucking amazing. Later on, when jungle turned into drum and bass (less ragga more beats), I used to go to the legendary MetalHeadz at the Blue Note in Hoxton (Goldie's night) around 1995/6, with my fake ID innit! It's hard to describe the energy in that place but anyone who went there knows how insanely special it was, drum and bass at its finest. I started buying records from Black Market, which was a pretty intimidating place for a 14 year old girl, but it was the mecca for jungle/drum and bass. It was definitely part of the start of my musical journey. Still to this day it brings out the goosepumps and crazy feelings that make you go mad on the dancefloor!

When we started the night Batty Bass I wanted to have a section at the end of my sets where I could share all these gems and roots. Occasionally I'm asked to do a special jungle set, and I'm really looking forward to playing for the fierce JERKers!!! 

Hannah Holland plays Jungle Jerk next Thursday 5th July alongside We're Not Cool and residents Zoe and Keziah from 9pm - 3am.

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Hannah Holland’s Jungle Anthems