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Horse Meat Roller Disco

Horse Meat Roller Disco

Horse Meat Disco's Luke Howard will be spinning at our roller disco collaboration with Warm and Electric Minds over at Hackney Downs Studios on February 11th so we quizzed him on all things roller...

Will you be getting your skates on for the disco?

Yes for sure, I love ice skating and am ok on rollerskates. Well, I can stay up and not fall down!

You had Moodyman play at a HMD roller disco once... who would be your ultimate roller deejay?

I reckon Greg Wilson could turn out a great roller disco set. He's great for all that mid-tempo boogie disco, perfect for spinning round and round to.

MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT BROOKLYN 05.03.11 (greg wilson live mix) by gregwilson 

Have you got any exciting releases planned after the genius Miss Cheesecake E.P. on Faze Action?

It's only taken me a year to get back in the studio! I've been pottering at home on Abelton and have loads of ideas in my head. I just need to get something finished.

What are your top 5 roller disco classics? 

Chic - Good Times

Vaughn Mason - Bounce Rock Skate Roll 

Invisible Man's Band - All Night Thing

Shalamar - Right In the Socket

Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music In The Streets

Tickets for the roller disco are available from Resident Advisor and the price includes skating plus entrance to the afterparty.


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Horse Meat Roller Disco