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Hot Pony

Hot Pony

The Les Poppeurs kids are notorious for their eclectic brand of big gay italo disco parties, and they seem to have found their kindred spirits in latest guests: Berlin's Hot Pony! The party is run by Timmy and Anton, who have been lighting up Berlin's Sameheads with their distinctive brand of camp for four years. We caught up with Timmy to chat favourite collaborators, Berlin hotspots and plans for Les Poppeurs!

Hi Timmy! We’re so excited to have you at Dalston Superstore this Friday! Can you tell us a bit about your party Hot Pony?

Hey Superstore! Yep, we're also both looking forward to it! It'll be our first time at Superstore! :D Hot Pony was born out of a love for eighties boogie and italo disco, both music that Antoni Maiovvi and me (Vexkiddy) have enjoyed consuming for a number of years now. At the time we didn't think there was a space where people could dance and rediscover this music so we made one at our eternal home, Sameheads in Neukölln, Berlin.

You’ve been putting on the party for four years now, wow! What have been some of the highlights over the years?

Its been fun for sure! I think personal faves have been boogie funk magician Sven Atterton, along with Germany's very own First Touch who've had releases on Omega Supreme over in the USA. I also loved when Whitney from Les Poppeurs came and played as well as all the local regulars like Don Chrelli, Debbie Upper, Dimitri SoEmotional, Zola and my personal mini loves Private Agenda.

Can you tell us a bit about your ‘Grew Up Listening’ mix series?

Grew Up Listening was a really off the cuff idea to do a radio interview show about what people 'grew up listening' to. We did it with the artists that where playing before hot pony, but now its grown into something else. In fact I need to arrange the one for November!

If you had to sum Hot Pony up in one artist or song, who/what would it be?

Wow.. That's a tricky one! For me it would be a mixture of Coffee and Unlimited Touch with a dash of modern boogie funk from Brian Ellis, Sasac and Liquid Pegasus, however I always try and play Change - The Glow of Love when the time is right. Anton pretty much closes every night with Small Town Boy by Bronski Beat, because it’s a true heartbreaker and it’s damn hot... he loves that track!

If you were a brand of poppers, what would you be called?

I'll let Anton answer this one! "My friend Andy from the band Ubre Blanca has a brand of poppers called ‘Bang’ tattooed on his arm because he fucking loves poppers so if I was a brand of poppers I’d be called Andy."

You’re taking us on a date in Berlin – where are we going to eat, drink and dance?

So we'd start with some drinks at Cafe Futuro, the place is run by Franz Scala label owner and purveyor of fine Italian drinks. I'd most likely drink Aperol Spritzes and I'd suggest you do the same! We'd then head to Cocolo Ramen in X-Berg or maybe Pig & Tiger up in trendy Schiller Kiez before rolling down the hill visiting Sameheads for a bit of Hot Pony! :D

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/when, where would you go?

Being a little young at the time and catching the end of the rave days, I'd probably say the late eighties / nineties illegal raves, along with the early Universe parties. I'd also love to have gone to the Paradise Garage and The Loft, must have been an amazing time both culturally and musically!

Can you give a hint of what you have in store for us this Saturday?

I'll be playing a mixture of new modern boogie stuff from labels like Star Creature and Omega Supreme along with classic disco and eighties soul & boogie. Anton will most likely be playing bangers and heartbreakers! 

Catch Hot Pony at Les Poppeurs on Saturday 1 October from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

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Hot Pony