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Isa GT vs Cibelle

Isa GT vs Cibelle

This Friday sees a female-fronted Latin America takeover over both floors of Dalston Superstore with local heroes Isa GT and Cibelle bringing their new night <# FEELIN' KUNTY! #> . Ahead of the party we asked them to interview each other to find out more about what their both up to and what we can expect from the party...

Isa interviews Cibelle...

Isa: Cibelle, can you explain what is the idea behind  <# Feelin' Kunty! #> ?

Cibelle: It's a feminist and genderqueer power party twerkin' its ass in the face of polished "aesthetics", ethnocentrism and whatever sort of clean cut vibes. It's made to bring together people who want to be booty shaking until they drop to filthy music and fully express themselves.

Isa: People who know you are used to seeing you as an amazing singer/vocalist, but you've recently started DJing more and more, what is it that brought you to kick start your DJ career and what can we expect of a Cibelle's DJ set?

Cibelle: I used to DJ many years ago, back when I lived in Brick Lane. I was a resident in Rakehells Revels at Cafe Royal, a party ran by David Piper, Wade, etc. It was a very hot party where we'd get beautifully dressed up and then come out completely dishevelled, and at first my job was to play all the quirky bizarre stuff and I'd draw my line just below the sixties. That's where I met Todd Hart for the first time; he was a regular. Jonjo and Rory Philips were there a lot, Chandra was on the door, and we had an amazing time every Tuesday. I DJ'ed at Gary's bar, The Last Tuesday Society parties, The George and Dragon...

I loved it, but at that time I used to be smoker, people could smoke indoors too, and when I DJ I get a bit too excited, I'd always lose my voice, so I decided to stop. It was either DJ or sing, so I went with singing, which was 90% of my life anyways. Things changed when early this year Lili from GnD asked me back, she always said how much she missed my set. And that same week I bumped into Rory at my old house; I was about to go out DJing and he said, "Thank god! You were my favourite!" So all that vibe from people cheering me back made me get back on it. So I got back to GnD and started working on my new album, and midway through that I discovered all this amazing music on Soundcloud, and also through friends, then I was hooked.

Now I need to DJ... for my sanity. I love it, and I just started doing a bit of live PA in my sets too to warm myself up for the album release. It's great to drop the new tracks on people who have no idea what it is, and see the reaction, and that being great, it feels amazing.

Isa:  You now have two DJ residencies in London, where are those and how often?

Cibelle: I DJ at Kings Head Members Club on Saturdays, alternating between the ground floor playing the exotica set all on vinyl, and the tropical bass, baile trap, hiphop, digital cumbia set in the basement. Sundays I'm at the George and Dragon playing pure vinyl, showtunes, funny versions of songs in cha cha cha, calypso, garage from Asia, France, Italy, Brazil and more. It's not uncommon to see people vogue'ing to Yma Sumac.

Isa: I know you have been busy in the past year completing your upcoming album, what can you tell us about it? When is it coming out?

Cibelle: The album is called ?UNBINDING?, and there is one track out to be heard on soundcloud called BREATHIN and there is also a video of it on YouTube. It will come out on my Belgium mother label Crammed Discs for the continent. We don't have a release date for the UK yet, but it should be soon. Anyways, internet days, keep your ears peeled for the 30th of September, you can find it there and i'll just let the music do the talking.

Isa: And lastly, what can people expect at Feelin' Kunty! this Friday?

Cibelle: HOT HOT HOT KUNTYNESS and an unreleased Heavy Baile track from my mate from Rio de Janeiro, Leo Justi (M.I.A.) and plenty of unreleased tracks from some hot latinos I know.

Cibelle interviews Isa...

Cibelle: First and foremost, will you promise to wear the pussy t-shirt on Friday?

Isa: Oh, you mean the Slutever tee? Sure, I will! I need to get myself looking hot and kunty!

Cibelle: What's your overall vibe for your set this Friday, do you have any exclusives?

Isa: The vibe of this Friday's set is going to be celebration/carnival/anti-Putin/love life/love to dance and heavy beats. With all the shit that's going on at the moment we need to express ourselves in a radical way and spread the good vibes.

I'll be playing some of my latest unreleased stuff and some heavy bangers.

Cibelle: How did u meet Murlo. Tell us more about his majestic sets?

Isa: In my opinion Murlo is one of the most exciting artists in the UK right now. He's already got his own production style, when you hear one of his tunes you can recognise straight away his sound. I've followed him since he released his EP on Pollinate Records and then we finally met when we collaborated with Joao Brasil on the Tropical Britannia project, if you readers haven't heard it, it is... 

Cibelle: What are your expectations for the night? Are you gonna play any of your own productions?

Isa: I think the night for me is going to be a homecoming. It's been a while since I last played at Superstore and I'm really looking forward to it! Since its beginnings DSS has been the place for the most fun queer and gay parties, so I'm sure the people going to Feelin' Kunty! are gonna feel that the music and concept of the night is right up their alley.

Cibelle: Tell us more about the line up and how the idea for the party came up...

Isa: The idea of Feelin' Kunty! came up from us two talking about music that interests us and feeling excited about what's going on at the moment with all the seapunk, bashment, screwmbia, revival of voguing and all the bastard subgenres in art and music. Since we're both artists, I think we felt we had to create a space for us to bring all that together.

I've thrown parties before, my party Girlcore- which was one hot mess with great all female line ups, making it fun and supporting the female talent, Musicalia- which was all about music, having a certain genre 'special' on every edition and Believe!- which is a night that tries to be an empty stage open to let people express themselves and with no boundaries.

I have been on a hiatus from putting on parties and dedicated to writing music for a few projects I have, but there's always the hunger for throwing a party the way we like, that is going to be Feelin' Kunty! on Friday.

The line up is a treat, as I don't think any party in London has had this line up before. There'll be Murlo with a special bashment set, Todd Hart who is a music connoisseur bringing a bunch of records and doing a dancehall set, and designer Charlie Le Mindu bringing his irreverent style to the decks. And also us two playing crazy new shit from Latin America.

Join Isa GT and Cibelle this Friday 16th August from 9pm - 3am for <# FEELIN' KUNTY! #> at Dalston Superstore.

Listen to Isa on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/isagt

Listen to Cibelle on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/cibellecibelle

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Isa GT vs Cibelle