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Jamie Blanco

Jamie Blanco

Tonight sees London house producer and DJ Jamie Blanco joins us at Society Presents Robert Owens. Currently releasing much hyped records on the ultra mysterious London Housing Trust label and one-half of atmospheric electronic outfit Figures; Jamie is an ideal person for a lesson in all things H.O.U.S.E. We caught up with him ahead of the party to find out what inspires him and what's lurking in the depths of his record collection...

How did you come to release on the mysterious London Housing Trust label?

I could tell ya but I'd have to kill ya.

What's your most loved piece of hardware?

My Roland Juno 60. I don't think I've made a track that it doesn't feature in.

Who are your house heroes?

Francois Kervorkin is someone I have massive respect for as a DJ and a producer. When I first started going out, I'd have to say the likes of X Press 2, Kahuna Brothers or even MAW gave me some of my favourite wide eyed dance floor experiences.        

What was the best DJ set you've danced to recently?

Figures played a live gig last Saturday after which a load of us piled back to my mate Chris Stoker's. Parts of his standard 12 hour mega mix from then on could answer that question, maybe not the five minutes of chiming Chinese water bells though. Other than that Ben 'Gatto Fritto' Williams anywhere I've seen him play recently. 

What do you like, and equally what do you loathe, about London's house music scene?

Love: the atmosphere when everyone's enjoying the music and having a good old dance.
Loathe: the atmosphere when everyone is there to just stand around in those bennies.

Personal favourite Chicago house gem?

Jump St Man - B-Cause is an amazing track, you either dance or chill to it.

Or Da Posse - In The Heat Of The Night (Acid Mix) always gets everyone moving.

What influences your live outfit Figures?

James and I wanted to make something of a slower tempo and more atmospheric than the house music we were both producing when we met, so we started Figures with the idea of bring others in to guest on tracks, hence the name. Other than that, whatever biscuits he turns up to the studio with as we drink a lot of tea.  

What's the best new music (of any genre) you've discovered lately?

I think I'd need some ID's from last Sunday morning to answer that.

What outside of music creatively inspires you?

All the features on David Attenborough recently.

And finally, be honest, what is the most unexpected record in your collection?

I have Toxic by Britney Spears on 12", Great track. Would that be classed as unexpected...?

Join Jamie Blanco tonight at Society Presents Robert Owens at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 2:30am.

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Jamie Blanco