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Josh HCL + Mistamaker

Josh HCL + Mistamaker

This Saturday plays host to the new night bust yo nut from Martyn Fitzgerald and Toby Grimditch (aka the brains behind Handsome and Carpet Burn). Whilst the laser basement sees the Italian stallion double-whammy of both Severino and Nico De Ceglia, the top bar features the musical stylings of legendary local bboy Mistamaker and young upstart Josh from gay hip hop clubnight Hard Cock Life. We posed the same set of questions to both DJs to find out what Saturday night has in store...

What was the first hip hop track or artist you ever remember really listening to?

Josh: 2Pac - Hit Em Up. Those upbeat opening lines "I ain't got no motherfuckin friends, that's why I fucked your bitch you fat motherfucker" appealed hugely to my 10 year old self. 

Mistamaker: Thats a hard question because I'm an old old old old bboy now and I saw hip hop evolve from electro, so I would say I kinda started with electro like Newcleus - Jam on Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song) and then as it progressed I would say Kool Moe Dee was the first rapper who I was crazy about as a kid.  

Who is your favourite r'n'b diva and why?

Josh: Victoria Beckham. Other than the music she's got it all. Heard she's dropping a mad hot r'n'b album this year though. Plus, Out Of Your Mind with Dane Bowers was a tune. 

Mistamaker: In all honesty, I don't really do r'n'b that much so I cant really answer but i do have lots of love for Chaka Khan. All the female people I like just did a few hits and disappeared like Da Brat and Sade. 

What's the most unexpected record in your collection?

Josh: Dane Bowers - Greatest Hits

Mistamaker: Imagination - Body Talk. I'm a HUGE fan of early '80s black pop music, it was at a time when it wasn't good to be gay and I was far too young to come out, so I was expressing my sexuality within whilst listening to this tune...

Who has had the most impact on the music you play? 

Josh: My dad. He was an amateur breakdancer in the '80s who tried to bring breakdancing into the UK mainstream. He didn't really succeed, but he used to dance up and down the country anyway. When he wasn't on tour he was always at home dancing to classic old skool hip hop. It had a huge impact on the music I play today. Drove my mum crazy though!

Mistamaker: Big L and Eazy E. Two massive pioneers who passed away through stupid shit, and dearly missed by hip hop; those two shaped my taste in lyricists. But if we are talking just club music I'd say the crowd, I love reading the crowd and going with the flow. I did a night a few years back and it was supposed to be hip hop and I ended up playing a three hour drum and bass set… so I'd say the people listening have the most impact on what I play.

Pretty much have to ask this considering all the commotion in the news of late! Beyonce: thumbs up or thumbs down?

Josh: Thumbs meh. Great songs but a bit weird hearing Sean Paul's disembodied voice piped tinnily into the stadium. 

Mistamaker: I really don't care for her and her tantrums either way, so thumbs sideways I suppose haha.

Haters gonna hate.. But WHO are you're still gonna play anyway?

Josh: Chris Brown. He's obviously gay, let's all support him on the road to coming out. 

Mistamaker: Necro, I do a lot of Pirate radio, in fact it's a majority of what I do these days and I love the fact you can play explicit music freely without all the bleeps and stuff, so Necro will always be played on air from me but as for clubs, I can give DMX a pass even though he's a homophobic dick head. 

Who in your expert opinion is a rising star who deserves way more attention?

Josh: It's got to be Victoria Beckham. If the rumours are true, her new album will put A Mind of Its Own (her brilliant, sadly largely forgotten second solo single) to shame. 

Mistamaker: Wow, there are two, Danny Brown from Detroit is an amazing MC, he's so original and takes influence from many genres and I relate to loads of stuff he raps about.  Secondly Zion I from Oakland California, I cant believe he's not massive after all these years of melodic West Coast funky ish.. He's genius too. 

And finally, without revealing all your secrets… what's an underrated gem we can expect to hear you play?

Josh: The Alkaholiks - Only When I'm Drunk

Mistamaker: Errrrrrr maybe Erick Sermon - Music... I really don't know yet, I'm playing it by ear. I'm going to try and keep it on the chill tip and try and keep it roots hip hop but the crowd always changes, so if I have to change it up then I got a million tracks with me to satisfy everyone... 

Join both Mistamaker and Josh HCL in the top bar at bust yo nut this Saturday 9th February from 9pm - 4am.

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Josh HCL + Mistamaker