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Johnno Burgess

Johnno Burgess

Our good friend Johnno Burgess from Bugged Out returns to the Superstore bar to spin some tunes alongside the legendary Penny Arcade, Jeffrey Hinton and A Man To Pet at Rubik next weekend on Friday 29th June. Having established Bugged Out some 17 years ago, it has since taken place in Manchester, London, Bristol, Milan, Barcelona and Butlins for the Bugged Out Weekender. Not only that but Johnno was one of the co-founders of seminal music magazine Jockey Slut, giving him a pedigree that both promoters and journalists can only dream of. 

More recently he's been credited with the recent yacht rock revival that many may claim stems from his celebrated RA podcast but we think is more likely down to a love of Kenny Loggins

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We were lucky enough to have a suitably bonkers chat about all things Bugged Out, Jockey Slut and yacht rock ahead of his upcoming set at Rubik... 

Your party Bugged Out is due to turn 18... if Bugged Out was a person and super-excited about finally being legally allowed to drink and go out and cause all kinds of menace, how would they be celebrating their birthday?

They would go to Bugged Out. Hang on though, if the 18-year-old Bugged Out went to itself maybe it might evaporate in some kind of time vortex 'thing'. What a way to celebrate your 18th though eh?

Where's the most obscure place you've ever held Bugged Out?

Kazahstan. It was linked to Time Out and we went over with them to represent UK clubbing. Andrew (Spiro) from Bugged Out got to drink horse milk, which I think was more memorable than the party. 

How on earth did you come up with Kenny Loggins Footloose Challenge?

That was a round in a pub quiz I used to do (often at Dan Beaumont's old bar The Warwick). I used to play Loggins' Footloose on the left deck, and then you had to guess what the record was playing on the right deck – the cross fader always in Loggins' favour. It's a noisy record Footloose, so it’s very hard to hear some other artists' melody while it's hammering away. If ever a record hammers, it's Footloose. 

Who would win in a fight between Kenny Loggins and Don Henley?

Loggins. In the Danger Zone. 

Whilst we're on the subject of Yacht Rock, your RA podcast from a few years back was amazing. If you were making another today what tracks would you include?

I’m still waiting for them to ask for Round 2. I love Steve Winwood's While You See A Chance, Hall & Oates' Kiss On My List and Don Henley's Dirty Laundry. 

Let's talk Jockey Slut! If it was still running, who would you want to interview for it and why?

Ben UFO to trawl through his amazing record collection, Tiga because he's endlessly quotable and Derrick May to ask him when he's ever going to release another record. 

DJs say the silliest things sometimes... what's the funniest you ever put in print?

Anything Armand Van Helden used to say. Sample quote: "I was crazy into ill fashion, breaking ill futuristic ground. You name it; I've dogged it out. I was brutal. I have some rough-assed photos." 

If you were interviewing YOURSELF what would you ask yourself?

“When do you intend to grow up?”

Catch Johnno at Rubik here at Dalston Superstore on Friday 29th June from 9pm - 3am.

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Johnno Burgess