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JoJo De Freq’s Electroclash Bangers

JoJo De Freq’s Electroclash Bangers

Easter Saturday brings a double whammy from Miss JoJo De Freq at SOS, who plays not one but TWO sets! She'll be in the top bar playing retroclash specials AND down in the laser basement for future sounds! She'll be joined upstairs by Scottee, K-Y-M (Kim Jakobsen) and IICARUS, and by SOS residents Jim Warboy, Joe Robots and Anton Douglas downstairs.

With JoJo's prominent electroclash past as resident and co-founder of the legendary London clubnight Nag Nag Nag, and as a former resident of Bugged Out, we got her to dust off some of her favourite records from that era and share her electroclash bangers!

What track in your opinion really kick-started electroclash?

Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra 

To me this was the song that kick-started electroclash. Originally released in 1998 on their Champaign EP, it stood out from anything else around at the time. It was dark and '80s sounding but with a deadpan storyteller that brought in a new feminine dimension to techno. I actually first heard it that year on a Danny Tenaglia mix and had to hunt it down instantly.

What tracks do you absolutely KNOW will get everyone excited about electroclash all over again?

Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away

Off her album The Teaches of Peaches released in 2000. The lo-fi, sexed-up beats were old sounds done in a new ways, by a totally new kind of irrepressible and controversial artist. When I played it the crowd’s reaction was always explosive.


Adult - Hand to Phone 

Released in 2000 out of Detroit, this husband and wife electro-duo who went on to write a string of very underground hits and found the Ersatz Audio. They innovated and influenced the sound and style of the time massively. Cold, clinical, sexy, stylish artwork combined with - slightly gothic – mechanical motor city sounds and a story to be told in the most commanding fashion. There was definitely a dominatrix theme going on and it was ever so exciting.

What track makes you instantly transported back to Nag Nag Nag whenever you hear it?

Vitalic - Poney Part 1

Off the Pony EP released on International DJ Gigolos (the most prolific and influential label of the genre) in 2001, had me discovering a hedonistic-club-conquering new sound. Again, it was analogue but it introduced a driving almost rock sound that was the predecessor to all that noisy indie-dance (i.e. Justice, Boys Noize), though this was this was moodier, more melancholic, as well as anthemic and aggressive. It's a classic and it destroyed the floor every time.

What track sums up the fun of electroclash for you?

Green Velvet - La La Land

Off his album Whatever released in 2001. This song perfectly represents the hedonism of the day and the punk-rock, techno-funk influences that prevailed. Again, a monotone narration over a driving electroclash anthem. Just try not to sing along.

What was your favourite track to end a set with?

Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Screen (Jacques Lu Cont remix)

There was quite the creative team involved in this production; the inside story is that the lyrics were written by Tommie Sunshine and main vocals were performed by Miss Kittin. This remix by Stuart Price, under his '80s influenced pop guise Jacques Lu Cont, was a mega anthem. He totally transformed it with his classy vintage production style. I used to love ending my sets with this as it trailed off with some gorgeous emotive synth strings worthy of holding-your-lighters-up to (not that we did that).

What's your favourite electroclash remix?

Felix Da Housecat - What Dose it Feel Like? (Royksopp Return to the Sun remix)

This is one of my favorite remixes of the time, released in 2002 at the height of the mayhem and I think introduced a cleaner and housier sounds that was to follow all the clash and trash. This still sounds fresh today.

What track sums up electroclash here in London?

Fischerspooner - Emerge (Dave Clark remix)

In London especially, because of their infamous live shows, this was such an overly hyped band at the time. I've not added the original because I think it's more electro-pop than clash. I did however, really love playing the Dave Clarke remix in my sets because it had a tougher edge and a more DJ friendly format. I know there will be a few people unable to stop themselves dancing like machines to this again.

What track is still dear to your heart?

Tiga and Zyntherious - Sunglasses at Night 

I had to include this. This was released in 2001 and was a genuine underground electro-clash hit. It reached #25 in the UK charts. I was very proud to have another fellow Canadian flying the electro flag, even the original song was by '80s Canadian pop singer Corey Hart. Not sure if I want to play it again though!

And finally what track can you not wait to play out at Superstore?

Headman - It Rough (Chicken Lips remix)

This was out in 2003, so after the big super-club-crash in 2001,the UK dance industry was beginning pick-up again, and the sounds were evolving into something altogether more groove based and a little bit acid. I loved this sound and I think it went down best in the UK. It was much better received here. I can't wait to play it at DSS!

Join JoJo De Freq next Saturday 30th March for SOS at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4:30am.

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JoJo De Freq’s Electroclash Bangers