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Josh Caffe’s Banjee Boy Realness Mix

Josh Caffe’s Banjee Boy Realness Mix

Tonight is the night when all the banjee boys, banjee girls, butch queens and club freaks descend on Dalston Superstore for another taste of Banjee Boy Realness. Resident DJ Josh Caffe has sent us this amazing warm-up mix featuring MikeQ, Jesse Perez, Honey Dijon and more to get us in the mood and answered a few of our burning questions about it!

Which track is the guaranteed dance floor banger on your mix?

That’s a tough one, so many choices. I think Sax - No Pares (Don’t Stop) is a winner.

Is there a secret weapon on there you yet to unleash on a crowd?

There is, but I won’t say which one, you’ll have to come to the night and find out.

Have you got a particular favourite track on it? 

Time to Care by Todd Edwards. I'm a real fan of his music, brings back good memories of my teens listening to US house and garage. His stuff can be a little repetitive but I like the vocal reconstruction techniques he uses on all his tracks.

Which one track do you think really exemplifies the Banjee Boy Realness sound?

I think it would have to be La Beija by Deep88. To quote the sample on the track, "This has got to be a tribute to the Houses of New York", this exactly what Banjee Boy Realness aims to do, equally celebrating the scene we have here.

And finally sum up your mix in one sentence for us!

Shamazing - thanks for that one Cedric.

Catch Josh Caffe at Banjee Boy Realness tonight at Dalston Superstore with Danny Taylor (A Village Raid) and Joe Robots (SOS) from 9pm - 3am.

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Josh Caffe’s Banjee Boy Realness Mix