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Juliana Huxtable

Juliana Huxtable

Tonight Clam Jam welcomes special guest DJ Juliana Huxtable all the way from New York City! Known just as much for her music as for her style, Juliana profile has been going from strength to strength in the cities queer scenes. Having set up her own night Shock Value after noticing a lack of nights run by women, "cis, trans or otherwise", she welcomes all sexuality and genders to her parties and promotes natural diversity. Ahead of the party we caught up the LGBT activist/club princess for a brief chat...

You're incredibly vocal about how things like sexual harrassment, race, gender identity have affected you personally- what advice would you give to anyone struggling with their own identity and how they reflect that to the world?

Humor, self awareness and the black tax will get you farther than you ever could imagine.
How did you come to be part of the House Of Ladosha?
I'd loved Dosha and Adam's performances and I managed to get them to perform at Bard [liberal arts college]. Then I met them and the rest of the house after moving to ny and we raged together with such a good energy it was natural after that. 

You express yourself in a wide variety of ways, from music, to style and through your own writing- how else do you like to get your message out there?

You can come to Frieze and see me and my friend and collaborator Marco (False Witness) perform. I've done a lot of that, which takes the remove from writing and makes it more present. I do self portraits as well. I'm a bit of a polymath.

If you had a time machine and could visit any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to set the dials to?

Studio 54.

Your own night Shock Value encourages a spectrum of sexuality and gender, where most queer nights still seem fairly segregated- why do you think this openness is still rare even in major cities like New York and London?

I think we're oddly in a wave of global conservatism and things are kind of regressing and nightlife is one of the places where that sort of crowd curation is possible.

What are your favourite mixed queer parties in NYC?

Papi Juice, Legendary and Holy Mountain.

You seem to have a real thing for statement necklaces and chokers- what's your favourite one you own and the latest one you've acquired?

A metal choker with blue eyes plastered all over it.

What's a record you love to play out that represents you in all your glory?

Blaqstarr's remix of Hole - Violet.

Describe your look in 3 words...

Cyborg priestess witch.

In a world where it's increasingly common for both men and women to not identify with what they percieve to be feminism.... why are you a feminist?
I don't let trends or semantics get in the way of my ideas of what needs to change in the world. I'm indebted to feminism for being in the position I'm in today. Slash feminism is HÄM!  
Join Juliana TONIGHT for Clam Jam from 9pm - 2.30am at Dalston Superstore.
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Juliana Huxtable