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Kim Ann Foxman

Kim Ann Foxman

It goes without saying that we love Kim Ann Foxman. As a DJ. As the singer for Hercules & Love Affair. As one of our fashion icons. As a genuinely nice person. Which all adds up to us being more than excited to have her headline our tent at the upcoming Summer Rites festival next Sunday in Shoreditch Park. 

The lovely lady was gracious enough to spare some time to speak to us about her style crushes, house heroes, love of English sweets and have the obligatory vinyl rant...

Who do you consider to be your contemporaries?

The people I really like are Bicep, Maya Jane Coles, Snuff Crew, Steffi,  Runaway, Azari & III, Legowelt, KiNK, Omar S and Legowelt but there are so many new people I like…

Why is right now a great time for house music? Who are your personal house heroes?

There’s so much good newer house tracks coming out these days. It’s really cool. It makes me happy and there is a nice audience for it. It’s definitely a good time for house music right now. My personal Heroes are MK, Murk, Kevin Saunderson, Deee-Lite, Masters at Work and Bam Bam.

How did your amazing collaboration with KiNK and Neville Watson come about?

They just asked me really and sent me a track, and I asked if they wanted a song song or more of a party track. And they said more tracky party vibe. So that’s how it happened.

What's the most mind-blowing concert you've ever been to in your entire life?

For me it was Kraftwerk when I was about 20 years old. I waited outside forever to get their autograph, and I still have that concert ticket stub. It’s the only people I ever waited for an autograph for. I guess it just meant a lot to me. Unfortunately I never saw MJ, as he would have blown my mind more than anything in the world.

Why is vinyl still so important to DJs?

Because vinyl is classic and the feeling is something can never be replaced. Also, there are so many gems that you can’t find online- still. They make sets magical to me. I also love the artwork, vinyl is so personal... the labels, the cover sleeve. You don’t connect with downloading songs the way you connect with vinyl. Vinyl is precious. And you want to take care of it. Of course vinyl DJs learned to mix by ear rather than looking at the BPM and matching it or just pressing a sync button. It’s a skill not everyone can do, you really had to work and practice at it. So it’s a passion. 

You were named one of the most stylish women in NY right now... How would YOU describe your look? Who is your current style crush?

I don’t know, I think I got lucky with that one but I’m thankful for the compliment.

My style is kinda FULL FORCE meets Lisa Bonet- I guess they would be my style crushes too at the moment.

Very casual x200.

‘90s Wrestler bodybuilding pants are a frequented comfort zone.

Over sized anything, sports bra galore.

Cross color maniac!

Soul and r’n’b concert shirts from the late ‘80s are becoming a collection...

My  hair is a staple thanks to my  most amazing hair stylist best friend Holli Smith.

We hear you love Percy Pigs sweets (which frankly is a given)... what other English produce do you stock up while you're here?

My favorites really are Percy Pigs & Pals! Last time I was in the UK I bought seven bags, and I love Branston Pickle. I also love those parsnip chips or "crisps" as you call them that I see in Marks & Spencers. Yum! I could eat those for days. I always buy those.

How did your time living in San Francisco influence your work as both a DJ and a singer?

I learned a lot from going to raves and following DJs and collecting rave tapes. The whole experience taught me about what sounds I like, and feelings or vibes I like to be evoked in a track. I also collected some nice records during that time, so of course, that was great too.

If you were taking us on a date in New York where would we go?

I would take you to have some really nice Japanese food, then we'd walk to the High Line park where we would eat a popsicle have a walk and look at the amazing view.

Can you tell us three jams in your bag for the Dalston Superstore at Summer Rites tent?

Snuff Crew feat. Tyree Cooper- Work It Out

Bicep- Getcha Boi

Jodeci - Freek N You MK Dub

Jodeci - Freek 'n You (MK Dub) by morthens

What musical goodies can we expect from you in the near future?

I am working on some nice things. I have a solo release that I wrote and produced myself coming out soon. Its’ called Return it / Hypnotic Dance. I also have a track with Snuff Crew coming out sometime in the future. I’m working on some projects... solo stuff and also collaborations. I’m going to meet up with Richard X while I’m in London, so I’m excited for that. And I’ve been working with Tobias Freund over in Berlin, and we have a very nice collaboration going on. So, there is plenty to come along with some surprises.

Kim Ann Foxman plays the Dalston Superstore tent at Summer Rites on Sunday 2nd September in Shoreditch Park from 12:30pm onwards.

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Kim Ann Foxman